Thursday, December 13, 2007

Kwiz Berger/Rejected Soap Ideas Vol. II

What was the name of the ball boy down the third base line at Fenway that Castiglione and Trupiano were so obsessed with? Clues: It was, I don't know, late-'90s, early-'00s, maybe. He had red hair. You only need the first name, so feel free to guess. But note that it's not a common name.

In other news, I said I'd post some of my proposed soap names/ideas for my girlfriend's soap company, Stella Marie, which get rejected by the boss. ("Stab Apple" will always be at the top of the list.) So here's my latest:

Collector geeks, after hours of leafing through used items in thrift stores and conventions, do you ever just want to wash the scum off? Well now there's a soap for you. A peppermint aroma fills the senses, but a hint of musty attic-smell will take you back to the childhood you never left in the first place. The corners of this full-bodied bar aren't quite sharp, and you'll find very minor flaws in its surface. That's right, it's:

NEAR MINT! (Nr Mnt) $5.00 ^

NOT for sale (yet!) at Stella Marie Soap Company.

Ha! I love "Near Mint." And I love the Stella Marie soap line. I'm getting the word out to people.

Kwizz guess/random uncommon name guess:
Cool, she'll be happy about that.

Your guess--wow, that's actually not far off from the name, in a weird way. But not it. I guess that's kind of a clue, though.
And feel free to Google, everyone, I couldn't find anything on line about this person anywhere. I'm pretty sure my mom/dad can confirm this one, though.
Quiz guess: Eamonn

Soap Pitch:

After a long day of killing zombies, fighting for your life and avoiding pesky, sexually-assaulting foliage reach for the only soap that's charcoal grey and large enough to clean your oversized forehead: ASH.
No on Eamonn. But I worked with a dude named Eamonn once. His sister worked at the same place--Bridget. She's the one who Craig Hansen's face reminds me of.

Yes on Ash.
Let's try Levi?
Not Levi.
How 'bout Edgar?
No. Somebody's gotta remember this. And they showed him on TV because I saw his red hair. I can't remember if the TV announcers would refer to him by name, too.
That woulda been really funny. It's not Malachi, or Isaac, or anyone else from Children of the Corn.
Nope and nope.
No Herman.
Good guess. But wrong.
NEAR MINT : Wipe away the yellowing of aging and the creases of time with this clean salve. Feel like you've just been removed from a casing of protective mylar or toploading PVC, as new as the day that you were born from wax or blister pack.
"Raphie" is it. Good unscrambling skills. I'd guess it was spelled Raffi, because it was pronounced like the children's singer guy.

So...again, with the clues being involved, pweezil will get the most points, but not all 6.
Nice call on the near mint. She really needs to make that soap!
Wow...I can't believe I actually remembered his name. I was watching the Bruins when it came to me and then I had to check to make sure the letters fit. Usually, I have a tough time remembering my own name.
Okay, because of the clues, pweezil doesn't get all 6 points.

And Kara's first guess was amazingly close.

So pweezil gets 3.0, Kara gets 1.8, and matty, stj, and Amy get 0.4 each.

Sound good?

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