Saturday, November 03, 2007

Sox Home Opener Vs. Detroit (I Think)

According to the schedule on the Tigers' site, we play them at home on Tuesday, April 8th at 2:05, then two night games the next two nights. I think it's safe to say April 8th will be our home opener, complete with ring ceremony.

Other schedule news: I've got confirmation on the Sunday start times. The Mariners, like the Brewers, have a Sunday game at Fenway, and they also list it as being at 1:35 (eastern). Wow, it really is curtains for the ol' Sunday 2:05-erino.

Okay, wait a minute. This is interesting. I was trying to figure out who we'll play to start the season (after the Japan series with Oakland), which I assume will be a road series, due to what I mentioned in the first paragraph here. I eliminated most teams through all the released schedules. The teams unaccounted for are:

Oakland: Would we play them after the Japan series? And have a one-city west coast trip? No.

Toronto: We play them second, so we couldn't play them first.

That leaves one more team. The Yankees. And I'd say they ESPN definitely tabs that game as the Sunday nighter. So, my call is that we start in NY, Sunday, March 30th, followed by a Tuesday and a Wednesday game, possibly with Tuesday being a day game. Then, off to Toronto for a three-game weekend series. Off-day on Tuesday the 7th, then the ring ceremony and Opening Day against Detroit on Tuesday the 8th. Mark your calendars! In pencil!

(Of course, tomorrow I'll find out that they've already announced all this somewhere. My '08 makeshift schedule--minus the Yankee assumption, is here.)

Update: After doing more process-of-elimination work, I think those second two blank series on my sked have to be against NY. Therefore, maybe that Oakland idea isn't such a bad one. The Japan games on the 22nd and 23rd, then some exhibition games over there, then stop in Oakland for three to start the year, then a day off before going to Toronto. Or maybe I'm missing something obvious. Check in with me in a few days....


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