Friday, October 26, 2007

Jere Releases Some Of 2008 Red Sox Schedule

[Update, 11/4: much newer sked here.]

Okay, I went through all the tentative schedules that other teams have released to come up with this incomplete schedule. Click to enlarge. Home games in red. I'll update this post as more skeds are released.

We play the NL Central in 2008. Terribly, it doesn't look like the Cubs will come to Fenway, as we skip them entirely. We also don't play the Pirates, but the Yanks will play them for the second year in a row. We get the Brewers (the May series) and the Cards at home, and we go to Houston and Cincy. Our "natural rivalry" is a split with a road Philly series and a Braves home series.

We play against the Jays in their home opener on Friday, April 4th. I'd guess our home opener will be on Monday the 7th or Tuesday the 8th. Opening Day will probably be Monday, March 31st on the road somewhere, though they might want us in the Sunday night game.

No other big surprises yet. Same old "ignore the central and play the west more often" deal, it seems, so far. And when they announce the Yankees series', people will surely complain about their positioning: "You can't have so many early games!" or "You can't have so many late games!" or "You can't split them up like that!" or "You can't bunch them together like that!" There are six series against division rivals. To me, they've never done a completely terrible job with this. I don't know why everyone complains every year about it.

Sox play at home on my birthday, against Tampa. And since it's a Monday, and my 10-Game Plan is a M/W/Sat, maybe I'll be there.

Update: Looks like we'll be playing the A's in Japan on March 22-23. I also found the Indians' schedule, and added those games to our sked. I also figured out from the Braves schedule when we play them and when we play St. Louis--I've assumed the Thursday is the off-day the week of the Cards series--so that little section is fixed. The Twins already have their full schedule up complete with game times. And the Yanks don't have their sked up yet, but they're ready! Ha! (Yeah, you can change that one part of the address bar to make it say anything you want. At first, I was so psyched you could change it to any year--I was putting "999999" and "55378008" (BOOBLESS, calculator-style). Then I realized you could put letters, and the possibilities became endless.)


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