Monday, November 19, 2007

Looks Like Mike Lowell Will Sign WIth The Red Sox

It seems we will keep our friend Mikey Lowell. Great news. But something we knew was going to happen.

This was another case where we saw some of that old Sox-fan pessimism come out of the woodwork. Some people, despite seeing what's been happening with this team lately, still allowed themselves to get to the point of, "Well, it's not really a sure thing, and I really want Lowell back, but, hey, he should go for the best deal he should get." No! He should go for the best deal with the Red Sox he should get. We are the winning side! We are the fans who love the guy. I wanted nothing more than for him to stay, and I didn't wanna hear any crap about money this and family that. World Series MVP--that's as close to "top of the baseball world" as you can get. That's what he is, of course he was going to stay right where he belongs. Granted, if the team had said, Uh, we just don't want you anymore, take this one-year deal, of course that would be a different story. But I knew we'd make him a fair offer. (That's "actual" fair, not Yankee "we're printing this stuff up in the back, we'll give you more if you want...." fair.)

Now, plenty of Sox fans just said "re-sign Lowell!" and left it at that. That's what I like to hear. Great job by you folks. But the people who said the same at first, but then started to waver and make the "if he doesn't sign" fallback excuses, come on. It's just like that Indians series, when everybody started saying, Ah well, it was a great season, the Indians deserved it. Knowing we'd just come back from an even bigger deficit three years earlier in the same situation! I'm not asking anybody to be arrogant. But your team has given you a reason to be confident if you weren't before! Enjoy it! (It was seeing the pessimist attitude that made me write this the other night.)

Confident, or optimistic, is my middle name! But you knew that.......
VERY good news. I was one who really thought Mike would resign IF the difference in offers was not just WAY too big. But I also thought he would get better offers than he did from elsewhere.
I'm glad he didn't drag it out, waiting to see if someone would up the ante. It shows me he really did want to be here, maybe as much as we wanted him to be here.
I am glad, though, that we were able to keep it to a 3-yr deal. No need in getting TOO sentimental.
Nothing says you can't be optimistic and pragmatic at the same time.

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