Saturday, November 17, 2007

I Really Think Lowell's Stayin'

I'm not buying the "I wouldn't blame him" talk about Mike Lowell IF he takes more money/years to play elsewhere. I would blame him. If a player chooses money over what he's got here in Boston--which includes playing for a winner, which seems to be what all these players act like is the most important thing--then of course I'd blame him. Money is not the most important thing in life. In fact, winning the World Series, the admiration of others, being able to be in a position I'm comfortable with, being allowed to grow any kind of facial hair I want, loyalty--all these things rank above money on my list. But that's just me. So, from my perspective, if a person chooses money over that stuff, well, that's their choice, but if bad things happen to them afterward, that's no one's fault but their own.

Instead of talking about blaming or not blaming Mike Lowell IF he signs elsewhere, let's talk about how proud we'll be of him WHEN he signs with us. I don't want to pre-emptively concede that he'll just go to where the most money is. (He can't think the Yanks think he's special--what were they gonna do, make him a lower offer than ours?) I want to think of Mike Lowell as another guy who said, "Yeah, other teams offered me more, but THIS IS WHERE I WANT TO BE." I want him to be there at Fenway as our starting third baseman when he is presented with his World Series ring. And I want him to want that. How could he not?

I just saw him on the news say something about making a decision and everyone being happy. I like to think he's talking about us.

I'm with you! And it seems he's told the Yankees that he would not like to switch they withdrew the offer. That came from the Herald. I just want him back! Have a great weekend, my friend.
As time goes on, I'm getting a lot less concerned about the Lowell situation. They will sign him or they won't, and even if they don't, the Sox are an organization with enough resources to ensure there is an adequate replacement at third, although we may not know who that is until a few weeks before spring training.

Either way, barring injuries, the Sox will be a very competitive team in '08.

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