Sunday, November 11, 2007


Old friend BSM (who recently fell for a message-board joke saying Julio Lugo would be on Bill Maher's show--ouch!) claims in recent comments that I "make things up." For the record, I never have and never will.

I still miss BSM's "Lost" posts....but he was unkind with most of his comments to me. Oh well....we have a Sox club, close to our hearts, if not part of them, that insulted Mike Lowell with their $12 million offer.....what gives????
I am baffled as to why BSM antagonizes you so. I really can't believe he would doubt those classic yankee fan quotes... I just assume, growing up in Fairfield, living in NYC, that he would hear the same arrogant bullshit that I'm used to hearing on a regular basis. knowing how ironic his humor can be, I guess I have to assume he's effing with all of us here.
just got my Rolling Rally DVD. LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT.
Thanks, Tex.

Reb: Much like with Yankee fans, I can't win with him, so I stopped trying. He replied, I read his comments very early this morning, thinking I'd make the decision during the day: 1. Publish them, respond and keep another ridiculous fight going. 2. Post and ignore, hoping to end it all. 3. Reject comments and keep the fight going with subtle hints, etc. 4. Reject and ignore.

I realized while we were out today, though, that he'd see Peter's weekly Sunday morning comment went through, assume he was banned again, and then say something about that. Which he did. So I'm going with the ignore route! I think he should start his own blog and complain about me all he wants there. It's like with me and dirtdogs. Instead of incessantly e-mailing him, I just made my own space to complain--then, I stopped reading it, never to go back. I suggest he stops reading my blog if it really gets him that upset. What I never got was how he just started one day with the whole "only comment about stuff he disagrees with." As he should know from doing a blog of his own, that gets really difficult to deal with. It's like trying to start a fight with someone over and over again, which is especially weird when the person was once your friend or whatever.
See, that's the part I don't get. you've met the guy, invited him on activities, used to be a regular with mostly positive comments on his blog, and he used to be able to make "normal" comments here. sure, he would disagree with you from time to time (a lot, actually, but not aggressively), but what set him off to be the big antagonist? Is there some kind of event we don't know about where you blew him off or called his girlfriend "homely" (she's not, bsm, I'm just making an example here, please don't put me on your hate list) or claimed he was wrong on one of your off-season quizzes? Did you attend his kid bro's play and post posters around the high school that dude was gay or something? Obviously you tickle the man's hate-feathers, and I wanna know why!
On the contrary, I even saw a thing on his blog about Broseph, and then promoted it on my blog. And this was while BSM and I were already in the "fight." All I ever did was make fun of stuff that he happened to be on the other side of. The Damon returns issue, the stats, the the usual Yankee fans issue, etc. At one point while we were arguing, he said "if my comments aren't welcome here...." or something, and I happened to be away from a computer for a while, but I did come back and respond. Later, I just couldn't take it any more so I stopped posting his comments, which is my right. We were just going around in circles with the arguing.
Jere, WEEKLY comment?...more like daily, but I'm always nice to my're part of my family. That's just the way I think. You too, Reb....nice to see you in type again, Rebecca!
I just meant that your early Sunday AM comment is a pretty regular one. Whereas your others could kind of come at any time. But usually early AM.

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