Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Annoying Pests

Johnny Damon, on the '07 Red Sox:

"They were a great team all year," Damon said. "I think we were the only team that really played them tough."

Aw, the poor Yankees didn't get to play the Red Sox in the playoffs.... And they definitely would've beat us, too.... Life isn't fair, the way it sends little bugs out to harm you--and, incredibly, not the team you're playing at the time. Boo hoo.

Remember how we laughed at how Damon's average dropped 31 points in his first year with the Yanks? In his second year, he topped it, dropping 46 points below his '05 mark. The best part, of course, was how Yankee fans were still "taunting" (?) us with "tell Theo thanks for Johnny!" Oh, and the classic "players still come from Boston to New York to try to get a championship." So let's put this next part in boldface:

Johnny Damon won the World Series in a Red Sox uniform. He then went to the Yankees, and the Red Sox, not the Yankees, won the World Series again.

I think I might go back and compile some of the best quotes from Yankee fans from the past few years.

But you can't top the Yankee players themselves. That whole bug thing: I don't know what's funnier, the fact that the Yankees thought the bugs were put there on purpose* and/or that the league was out to get them by not stopping the game OR the fact that they can't get it through their thick heads that both teams had to deal with the bugs. No, I do know. It's the second one.

*This is from Baseball Prospectus via Joy of Sox, and they don't say where the quote came from, so blame them if it's not true, but: ""If someone came out twenty years from now and said they released those bugs on purpose, I'd believe it." --Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter

Jere, can that quote be accurate? Wow...if so, what's the definition of the word DUMMY?? Allegedly....
I will say- though your blog is still God awful- as far as completely making up things "Yankee fans say" and then triumphantly mocking them for it, you're in the Hall of Fame. It's always a real good read, too. Riveting.
Nothing is made up. Even though you don't like my blog, I'm glad you still keep your Saturday nights free to read it.
Here's the post where the anonymous person says players head south to get a ring.

I can't find any web-evidence of where someone said "thank Theo for Damon," but it's what people were saying when Damn was doing better than Coco. I don't even think that would be stretch if I was just "pretending" someone said it. The point is that Yankee fans were making fun of us for letting Johnny go, especially since Coco's '06 was not that great. I don't think anyone could doubt that they were.
Here are three examples of Yankee fans thanking the Red Sox for Damon, implying they got the better of the deal. You'll note I couldn't help commenting on the last one.
I wonder if the "confusion" comes from a different post I did recently--the "random past Yankee fan comment" one (though if he meant that one, he should have commented on that post, not this one.)

Anyway, whenever I get a comment and I don't want to post it, instead of rejecting it, I'll often save it in the "pending" file, for later reference if I need it. So, when looking through those pending comments, I remembered that one mentioned above. I didn't post it at the time because the person accused me of doing something I didn't do. But now, it's just so funny to me, especially knowing we won this year, I just let it go through on its original post. I figured if I was going to do a direct quote, I might as well post the original comment. So, I posted it, replied to it on the original post with laughter, then quoted the "good parts" in a new post the other day. I wonder if BSM thinks I went back, made up a post pretending to be a Yankee fan, then "quoted it" in a new post.

No. You can't make this stuff up, people. I don't need to invent Yankee fan comments because they do such a great job coming up with that crap on their own. The funny thing is, I've often felt a Yankee fan comment was BSM himself messing with me. And now he thinks those same quotes were made by me. Anyway, SOMEbody wrote that comment, but it wasn't me.

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