Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Boyd To Boggs

Sitting Still finally releases her Rolling Rally pics.

The '08 schedule is finally out (Globe version here). We will start in Japan against Oakland on March 25th and 26th. (The only discrepancy between their schedule and mine is that I show us playing Baltimore on June 9-11, based on the O's schedule, whereas they, and my rival amateur-schedule maker, say that series is June 10-12.)

Ticket prices have gone up for '08, and this time, the common fan takes the biggest hit. Terrible job, Red Sox. My 10-game plan seats are bleacher seats. ("Lower" bleachers, which makes up almost all of the bleachers, as the "upper" bleacher section is tiny.) Last year, I paid 23 dollars per ticket. This year, it goes up to 26. That's the biggest percent-increase of anywhere in the park. What also stinks is that we paid the season ticket price the first year of the plan (2004), but since then, we've had to pay the full ticket price. So, back in '04, these seats were 20 bucks, but we paid 18. Then they went up to 23 for the last three seasons, while the season ticket price went to 21. But we paid 23, not 21. And now we'll pay 26. Still worth it for the two Yankee games, the interleague game, and the chance to buy playoff tickets. But, still, even going up 2 bucks to 25 and tacking on to the rich people's hundred-dollar seats would've been a better move. [Update, 11/15: Today I saw that field boxes went up from $100 to $125--a bigger percent increase than bleacher seats. So they did get the really rich people. Nice. But field boxes became "premium" seats a few years ago anyway, so bleachers are still the steepest percent-increase of all "normal" seats.]

For less than half the price of a bleacher seat, you can get a DVD of the 2004 and 2007 rallies, each shot from an angle no one else has seen, and be entered into a contest to win free Celtics tickets, which you can also enter without buying anything. Details here.


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