Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Win Celtics Tickets

[Update: Contest over. You lost. You can still buy the DVD, though.]
Donate 12 bucks to me (click button below), and you'll get my 2004/2007 Rolling Rallies DVD, AND 12 entries into the contest to win two Celtics vs. Knicks tickets (in Boston on November 29th). (Details on the DVD below, for anyone who didn't click over to my "store" before.) If you don't want to spend the cash for the DVD, just send an e-mail to me at gedmaniac at yahoo dot com with your first name and town included, and you'll get one entry into the contest for the tickets. (One e-mail per person--but if you buy the DVD, you don't need to send the e-mail. Also, if you buy two DVDs, you get 24 entries, etc. But once you buy four, you're getting awfully close to spending what the tickets are worth, which would be kinda dumb, but hey, you're right, it is an incredibly awesome DVD.) Good luck. Contest ends, let's say, Monday, November 19th at 2:07 PM.

2004/2007 Rolling Rallies DVD
Price: $12 donation to RSFPT through Paypal

Description: 30-minute DVD containing the following stuff:

Part I, 10/30/2004: I stood on Boylston Street, right near Fenway Park, taping (with a video camera, not a cell phone or still camera) as the Red Sox rolled by on duck boats, having won the World Series three days earlier for the first time in 86 years. As they went by, I got some nice shots of Pedro Martinez, David Ortiz, Curt Schilling, Jerry Remy, Johnny Pesky, and more. You will see the complete, un-cut video of the organization going by. Remember, players were on both sides of the boats, so it was nearly impossible to capture everybody. For example, you don't see Johnny Damon, which is kind of nice now, because why would you want to look at that guy? If you have a specific player you like, and you want to know if he shows up, e-mail me at Two2067 at But note that this DVD comes with a handy guide I made, telling you who you are seeing on each boat for both rallies.

Part II, 10/30/2007: I stood on Tremont Street, along the Common, videotaping as the Red Sox rolled by, having recently won it all again. This time, along with all the players, coaches, and front office people, there was a flat-bed truck with the Dropkick Murphys playing. I got some good shots of almost everybody, including Papi, Manny, Timlin, Papelbon--and a lot of shots of people with the trophy, as it kept getting walked from one boat to the next. (Again, some are inevitably missed, namely Schilling this time.) Again, you get the whole thing, un-cut. Oh, and for both parades, I was pretty much right up against the barricades, so you get a close-up view. Both parades will be on one DVD.

Here is a movie I made out of the footage from 2004. Note: I'd sell you this directly, but, for one, it contains a song I don't have the rights to, and also, it looks better on a small screen like this. Whereas the full video looks fine on a regular TV. So, to clarify, you're NOT getting the movie below, you're getting the original footage I used to make it. (Oh, and the beginning and end of the below movie are from the New Haven Green--a separate ceremony.)

And here are some stills from the 2007 video. The complete set can be found on my blog--Click here.

I can't offer you a refund if you don't like it. Buy at your own risk--but if the DVD breaks in the mail or doesn't work or something, I'll be happy to send you another. E-mail me at Two2067 at with problems or questions. Thanks. Oh, and shipping is free. (If you live outside the US and our sister-country, Canada, I'll have to tack on a little extra for shipping.)

Click here for a testimonial from one of my loyal customers!

Here are the tickets one of you will get (they are side-by-side):

Note: These are my own tickets I'm giving away--this is not sponsored by any ticket agency or anyone else. No ticket agency will ever be supported by, or advertised on, this blog.


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