Tuesday, October 09, 2007

26 Tears

Suzyn and Jon would like to hug you. Check out this final wrap-up of the Yankees' season from after last night's season-ending loss. (Thanks to Pat for the heads-up.) Trust me--just make it through Sterling's initial speech and get to the Waldman part. As I listened to it, let's just say both me and Suzyn encountered tears of some type. This is just the best day.

I love how they talk about "parity" in baseball right after talking about how the Yanks make the playoffs every single year.

And Sterling does his patented "laugh at how awesome it is" about the fact that the Yanks sell 50,000 seats every game. I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I wonder how many they'd sell if they weren't discounting so many of them at rates of up to 80 percent off.

People have asked about the upcoming schedule. You heard right, it's back to Fox for the ALCS: 7:00 Friday and 8:00 Saturday. TBS will do the NLCS. The deal is, the two networks will rotate on CSs. Next year, Fox gets NCS, TBS gets ALCS. Fox will still have the World Series. TBS will also DROP THE BRAVES and show a weekly game on Sunday during the season starting next year.

I've been hearing that old talk about how the champion "should" go through the Yanks. Which is bullcrap. We all love beating the Yanks. But guess what? We already have--they're going home, we're moving on. I could see Yankee fans trying to give the excuse of "well, you didn't beat us, so it's not a true championship" if they were the team with the best record and we were the wild card. (Note: they'd still be 100% wrong.) But they were the wild card. We played 162 games to prove that. You know where the raod to the championship goes through this year? Boston.

If you're still in the mindset that Yankee fans will ever admit defeat, regardless of the circumstance, think of it this way: If they didn't tip their caps to us after what happened in 2004, they never, ever will. So don't worry about 'em. If somebody tries to tell you that crap about this year not counting because the Yanks got brushed aside in the first round, tell 'em it's their own fault for losing, and that we were the team to beat this year anyway, not them.

One more thing: I was reading some article in some paper that looked like it gets less readers than this blog, and the guy was effing with Sox fans by talking about the "four-year history of the ALCS." I think his point was to say that we've forgotten about everything before 2004. I wonder if this guy would like to step into my special time machine, put a Red Sox hat on, go to New York circa 2003, and yell in the streets: "1903-1918, baby! You all forget about that stuff! We won 5 and you didn't win ANY! Sure, you conveniently forgot about that, huh?" See where that gets him. Look, Yankee fans, you had bragging rights for 86 years, and you're choking on your Pixy Stix after a mere three years of us having them. Suck it up, classy ones! (Hey, I wonder if that lady who "divorced" the Yankees watched the playoffs this year....)

Play "keep 'em or dump 'em" here. (And laugh at the Daily News' repeated use of the single open quote instead of the apostrophe.) (The biggest "dump": Clemens, at 95% right now.)

JoyBoy has all the happy Yankee headlines here.

Also, a few anonymous posters are pissed about what a past commenter said about Drinkwater's wife in this post. I informed "Suzanne" about it (I promise you, I don't know any of these people), so we'll see what she says. This is getting good! (Note: that post was written way before I'd put the correct faces to Drinkwater and Kapstein. The one I thought I was referring to at the time was Jeremy Kapstein, who I've now met! That story coming someday....)

Speaking of Drinkwater, did you see how fast he left his seat after Manny's walk-off homer the other night? He was off and running before Manny had left the box. Maybe he was heading for the room full of diamonds you took the picture of.
There was a game, at the end of the season ending homestand, I think, where Drinkwater jumped out of his seat to leave and took a right. The only problem was that the guy sitting to his right decided to leave quickly also, but took a left. After the collision, Drinkwater pushed him back into his seat and proceeded up the stairs. It was pretty funny.
Mom here:
You won't believe this. About the lady who "divorced" the Yankees? I forgot to yell you--she took them back! She wrote a piece in the Times Sunday about why she couldn't help but take them back. (I won't even go there, it was so asinine.) Then here's what the byline said: Jane Heller is writing a book on the Yankees' 2007 season. Can you stand it? After that initial article, some screwy publisher contracted her to write a book about lovin' the Yankees; giving them the heave-ho when they didn't measure up; and then taking them back because they swallowed a few Viagras. Presumably, the conclusion of the book will be that she dropped them for good after last night's loss and hooked up with some other team for yet another one-night stand.
pweezil: I remember the big Drinkwater collision. I think I might have mentioned it here, but maybe not.

Mom: that figures. I don't even think I wanna look at that article.
Jere, this is a great blog. Your pictures and commentary from Friday's event are wicked awesome!

soxnationgirl in CT
Hey Jere,
Does the 26 stand for the number of scoreless innings for the Yanks in the series or for something else?
No, it's another number they're "stuck" on.
Ahhhh....I get it. WS championships. I was looking for something more obscure.
I guess that's how I trick people:)

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