Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Still Curtains For Them

Good time to bring this post back.

Still 7 up on the Bronx Bin Ladens. Less worried about them than I am about Manny and Kielty being injured.

They're not done yet, Jere. We still need to win one of the next two games.

I'll be there tomorrow night. I really want to win that one.
See, that's the thing. We don't NEED any of these wins any more than we need them in any other series.

Sox win four in a row and then, even with the loss, play well last night, and folks start worrying again? I don't get it.

I'm with you, Jere. More concerned about Manny and Kielty than I am a loss to Pettitte.
Ok, now I'm just testing whether I can actually submit comments from my blackberry. Remember, this is just a test; in the event of an actual comment you will be directed to...well, actually you wouldn't be directed anywhere...
The BBL's...I like that! And AJM, when Pettitte or Wang aren't pitching, that NY club will only win half their games. And we hit Wang well. Too many 'w's. Thanks Jere. Keep the faith. Enjoy the day game, ALM.
I meant AJM...it's early!
Oh no, AJM, you missed the post yesterday where Jere brilliantly pronounced them dead. So they are, see?
Cyn, nice call.

AJM: It works. And Peter, I think he's going to tonight's game. The day game is tomorrow.

anon: uh huh huh, huhhuhhuh. huhh huh. heheh. heh. huhhuhh.
I'm worried about Manny being hurt. Kielty is replacable and frankly Kevin Cash is a more integral part of the team than he is.

I don't understand why WEEI hates JD Drew this much though. I had to turn it off this morning because it was just complaints about him.
Guess that worked. Nice.
Yeah, I started shouting that in my seat behind third base during the fifth inning, and then I decided to post it here with my bberry for extra karma...Papi hit the dinger shortly after that, which was about the only thing that went right tonight. I had a bad feeling this afternoon that it would go like this, Beckett basically having one bad inning, Fat Clemens having absolutely nothing, but the Sox letting him off the hook with crappy at-bats all night. I knew Tito shouldn't have let Becks pitch to Slappy in the 7th, and that ended up being the winning run. Tonight was our best chance for a W in this series; I don't like tomorrow's matchup at all.
Welcome to the world of Mobile AJM Commentary; I'm riding past the Stadium as I type this.
Right before the A-Rod dong, Remy goes, "Put this one in the gutsy column for Josh, giving up 12 hits, but only giving up THREE RUNS."

My brain just went right to the words "make it four." It had nothing to do with who was up, he just left it open for that total to immediately change.
Next pitch, boom, dong.

Then on Youk's, I was just frustrated. I'd rather have had a double instead of the dreaded "pull within one" HR. My girlfriend was very confused as to why I wasn't jubilant when that ball was hit. It was a mix between re-thinking how if we'd just gotten A-Rod out, we'd be tied, plus the fact that the bases were now empty.

I'm happy about the fact that we came into these games, and despite getting down, we avoided the knockout punch, always staying in the games. We can lose this kind of game with a big lead and not be pulling our hair out.

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