Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Things yankees Get Curtain Calls For

Mattingly succesfully removes booger from nose. Curtain call!

Proctor breathes in...and out! He's done it. Curtain call!

A-Rod files Jeter's bat in the proper slot, on only his second try! Curtain call!

Torre places hat correctly back on head--after previous curtain call. Curtain call!

Look, people, the lesson here is that Proctor only has eyebrows when he breathes out.

You really should publish these! :-)
Actually I think it would be Torre who would get the ovation for booger-digging...that seems to be his core competency. Donnie Baseball's true talents, on the other hand, are:
Managing to somehow have about 20 years of service in the Dunbar Organization without ever winning a ring
Making early-middle-aged Dunbar fans misty-eyed over all those championship-less teams from the 80's
Cultivating a fine porn mustache

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