Sunday, August 05, 2007

And Lo...

Looking through the windows of a firehouse, Friday night in New Bedford, Mass. My girlfriend gets credit for suggesting I shoot this. My idea to crop it like this. More about what we were doing in NB at the end of this post.

Nice job by Dice-K tonight. We had to sweat a little, with both Gagne and Pap, but we held on for a one-run win, the first at Safeco in quite some time. We remain 7-Up, the Uncola.

I say this all the time, but I love the late-night games. Especially the wins. I shall leave a note for the Skipper. We have burned the midnight oil, and the ship remains secure. I have kept watch over my flock by night, as Linus once said.

I noticed that Gagne has an accent over his E. And it lies above the nameplate. Weird. So they've sewn it on. Or he just grabbed a Sharpie, I couldn't really tell. I checked photos of him in other unis, and I didn't see any sign of an accent. So, does this mean it should be pronounced "Gahn-YAY" as oppsed to "GAHN-yay"?

So, Friday night we saw that all-female Zeppelin cover band, Lez Zeppelin, again. We didn't drive all the way down to New Bedford just for them, but we fit it into our schedule. They were playing the big, annual Portuguese feast. It was funny to see these very old people in their little chairs, waiting for the band. I guess they just watch, whoever it is. I give them credit--they didn't run away when the loud guitars started blaring. In fact, I think they stayed for the whole show. It's also weird to think that people who were, say, 30, when Zeppelin came out, are pushing 70 now. 70! So it makes sense to see people of all ages at a performance like this.

Anyway, I just read my review of the show we saw them play in '05. I noticed I said they were all lesbians. That may or may not be true. In fact, that's not even the point. They just named it Lez Zeppelin because it fits an all-female Zeppelin group. The guitarist said, in a recent Globe piece, "If they want to think we’re all lesbians, that’s fine with us. If they want to try to figure out who is and who isn’t, it’s all in good fun. It’s all part of the mystery."

I also said that the singer didn't have blonde, curly hair, and didn't sing in the primal voice Plant sang in. This is all still true, but she gets credit for making it her own thing, and using the great voice she has for something like this, rather than some crappy pop group or something.

The Page woman was the star again. She didn't have the bow this time, but she topped it:

That's right, she broke out the theremin for Whole Lotta Love. (I know, I cut the video right as the music kicks back in--but I just wanted to get the theremin part.) Terrible job by the person calling for "Moby Dick"--during "Whole Lotta Love." There are ten minutes left of this song, buddy! Also, terrible job by the dude repeatedly yelling for the singer to show him her belly button. I'd love to see these guys try this crap without an entire crowd to hide in.

According to his player page on (which I choose to believe, since they share the correct pronunciation of Julian Tavarez & Joel Pineiro), it is --

Pronounced: Gahn-yay

Apparently we are not supposed to stress either syllable?
::raised eyebrow::
Do you remember the reggae Led Zeppelin cover band, Dread Zeppelin? Their front man was a fat Elvis impersonator named Tutelvis. Very surreal...I think I had their cassette.
Yeah, I guess neither syllable...

Yeah, a Dread Zeppelin video was once on Beavis & Butt-head.
Hi Jere,

The accent over the e in Gagné's name indicates how to pronounce the e, not which syllable to stress (as might be the case with certain accents in Spanish or Greek words).

The e with un accent aigu - i.e., é - is always pronounced approximately as a long A is pronounced in English.

Oh, and the infinitive form of Eric's last name, gagner, means "to win". The word "gagné" means "won". Heh. (You probably knew this already.)

Go Sox... and toothaches, sprains, strains, pains and uncountable losses to the Yanks.

Very best regards.
Your GF's got a good eye. Should get that woman a camera! :)

Mom--You know French, you were late on this!
And Sam--a compliment from you on photography-related issues. Win!
Mom here.
I was too lazy to explain the accent aigu. But I'm glad I felt lazy because otherwise you wouldn't have heard from el cerdo ignatius. How cool was that?!?!?

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