Saturday, July 21, 2007

Lost Boys 2: Lost Umpires

I'm sitting here watching the Coreys on Larry King Live, talking about their new show, and how there's going to be a Lost Boys sequel--with Feldman, without Haim. They've left that movie alone all these years, might as well let it stand on its own for all eternity. That's one movie that should never grow old, and never die. But I guess it must feed, Michael, on unsuspecting audiences in this case.

Great baseball night. Although after the umps botched the hell out of that call, I started to think: Maybe when Torre went crying to the league about the umpiring, they said, "Look, will you just get the hell out of here if we make a bunch of bad calls against the Red Sox?"

That's one call you can't miss. If you know the simple laws of physics, you know that if a ball travels in an arc and hits a flat wall, it can't possibly bounce up off that wall. Therefore, if it bounces up, it had to have hit something else. If you have two working eyes and half a brain, it should be impossible to mistake a ball hitting something above a wall then bouncing off the top of that wall for a ball caroming directly off a wall. Funny, I feel like we've been through this before.

Nice job by Beckett getting his 13th. Good to see Lugo get the grandmother slamfather. He appears to be back. Fingers crossed. And the other day I told Drew (in my mind) to start using The Wall. He did it tonight, and after he got screwed on the should've-been-HR, he later doubled to left as well. And Coco with a key triple. But Timlin gets my player of the game award. Going to the seventh, we led by two, and Mike continued his streak of awesomeness, shutting the ChiSox down. (Oka-jeemer did the same in the eighth, but we all expect that.)

I also liked Hinske's bunt, which acted like a hot dog wrapper-seeking missile. Nice slide by Papi tonight. I wish we could laugh about that one, but unfortunately he hurt himself on the play. Hope he's okay.

Now let's talk about those surging, panic-causing, balk-benefitting-from Yanks. Mussina shit the ol' bedski tonight. But you can't do worse than Yanks' reliever Edwar Ramirez did tonight. The guy comes in, his team down 5-0, with a man on second. He walks the first guy on five pitches. This would be the best he'd do. He walks the second guy on four pitches. Bases loaded for Dioner Navarro, who went into the game hitting well below .200 with one homer. After throwing a ball, he gives up a grand slam to Navarro. He follows that up by walking the next hitter on four pitches. He follows that up by walking the next hitter on four more pitches, before finally being pulled. Five hitters faced, three earned runs, four walks. 19 pitches thrown, 17 balls, two strikes, one of those strikes being a grand slam. Ouch. Devil Rays 14, Dunbar 4.

So what will the idiots in the media and on talk radio talk about tomorrow? The Celtics, I'm sure. They'll get back to complaining about the Sox after their next loss....

Who IS Edwar Ramirez anyway???? I'd like to shake his hand, if I could find him...
He's 213 Michaels short of a Lost Boys, pitching-wise.

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