Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Terrible Job

Fuck the umpires comin' straight from the underground.

You have to get robots at some point, because these absolutely brainless men are ruining the game. No, actually, you don't need a brain to make the correct call in that situation. If ball hits wall and bounces off, it's not a home run. If ball hits above wall, by the laws of physics, ball can't bounce back cleanly. That's what that all that rattling and delay was before the ball came down. What creature on earth can't distinguish between one thing and the other? Possibly my old neighbor's dog, Bridget, who would bolt down the hill if you made a throwing motion, even if you had nothing in your hand. But anyone else should be able to.

Terrible job, baseball. Get robots.

But the question is: Where was Kapstein? Probably a late-arriver tonight.

[Edit: My request of Manny to "take him to the Pike" was just granted. Essentially.]

[Edit: Screwed by Bush again! Didn't get to see the replay of that crazy hop fielded by Millar due to ESPN's interview with the Bushes.]

[Edit: Drink-- Kapstein is in the house...with the red shirt! Looking like more good luck for the team so far tonight. Also, terrible job by me for calling this post "Terrible Job." I'm in a much better mood now than when I was when I wrote that. Also, NESN people, are you getting Bush, Sr. interviews, too? And Bar? Same long-winded Ted Williams stories?]

Well, I left the room a few times, but I don't think that NESN talked to the Bush crew at all. They did replay the first ball toss once or twice so Don and Remy could giggle about it, but that was the sum of it.

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