Friday, June 01, 2007

That Was Alex, I'm K

Nutty NECN sportscaster Chris Collins went off on A-Rod tonight about Slap III: The Yell. As well he should have. He even went as far as to say "A-Rod is an A-S-S." I finally saw the close-up replay where you see A-Rod yell right as he passes the fielder. And what is with A-Rod saying "I said 'ha,' and that's it"? Okay, you're admitting you did it, then. (He also said he was past third went he yelled, despite video evidence of him yelling waaay before that, again, as his mouth passed the ear of Clark. What a dick.) In all these A-Rod stories, I'm still hearing things about how he's having a great year. Which he isn't. Unless you only count the first 18 games of April when it's now June.

Giambi's finally going on the DL. It seems like every time I see him, he's hobbling. Damon, you're next.

We saw Calvin Johnson play live in Cambridge tonight.

Above: As we were stopped at a red light, right outside the gallery where the show was, I spotted Calvin inside. (Fortunately, I was the passenger.) The light stayed red long enough for me to get this shot, which just happened to feature a flier with his name on it. Perfect.

Calvin was good. Played a bunch of tunes with this other dude who he'd never played with before. Told us of his train travels from and back to Washington State. Sold T-shirts that said "Stop the Torture" and "Impeach" on them. It was a fun show. He even played first, so we didn't have to sit through an opener. (Although we still felt bad for the poor girl who had to go on after Calvin, knowing we, and probably almost everyone else, were leaving without even giving her a chance. But it was freakin' hot in that place.)

The first time I saw Chris Collins on the NECN sports wrap-up, my first thought was "So that's what Urkel's doing now!"
Did he do much Beat Happening stuff?
I guess his new album is all re-recorded stuff from throughout his career in all the different bands. The songs I recognized were from the two solo albums, the ones from '02 and '05. I wanted to hear Indian Summer, and before the last song, I swear he said to the other dude "Ya wanna do Indian?" And I was all, Yeah (in my mind), and they were all, well, they didn't do it.

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