Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Troubled Rod

In his first 18 games this season, A-Rod hit .400 with lots of homers and RBI. He was proclaimed Jesus, and, even more mysteriously, everyone seemed to decide (again, after 18 April games) that he was cured of the mental problems he has, which cause him to shit the bed when the pressure's on.

In the 32 games since, he's hit .224 with nine extra base hits and 10 RBI. Hey, "real" media, let's stop ignoring this.

The above two paragraphs were written by me last night, with the intention of posting them today. However, it looks like the "real" media, and everyone else, will have a new issue to focus on when it comes to A-Rod. When he got to Toronto Sunday night, he went to a strip club. With a woman who wasn't his wife. We'll see what happens with this one....

Goodbye Pepsi ads! Hello, Margo Adams.

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