Friday, June 22, 2007

Results In (A Live Blog-Type Post)

Majestic did a nice job getting the BOS, space, TON, just like we had from '79-'83. No stirrups, though, and not the old white numbers on the helmets.

I'm noticing that the lettering seems thinner. Look at the "O"s in BOSTON. Way too thin. I'm looking at old pics right now of Jim Rice, and the Os were thicker, with much less of a hole in the middle than what I'm seeing on my screen. I could be wrong, though. The number font seems off to me, too. A tiny bit. Again, I may be just seeing things. Of course, we knew going in they were gonna be the current baggy style, which just makes the whole thing look different. And the red sleeves are wrong, too. Add in the pics on the scoreboard of the Sox with nose rings and mohawks and stuff, and this is one weird night. Also, Khalil Green has somehow found a way to look even more like Jeff Spicoli....

In the meantime, two RBI singles, and we lead 2-1.

What's with Maddux? That pitch may have been a strike in his magic strike zone, but it was surely off the plate....

Note: September 24th, 1989. The last time a black number 10 was worn on a Red Sox uniform. (Not including any other retro or future games...then again, why count this one? To mention Gedman.) Rich Gedman wore it in Detroit and went 0-4 with four strikeouts. The following season the Sox switched to the road uniform they wear today. Well, not literally today. You know what I mean. Just weird to see Geddy's old 10 out there on Coco. Probably the same size jersey, too....

....Bonds up, bases loaded, down four vs. Yanks, and he walks in a run. Note: ball 3 was shown as being almost directly in the middle of the zone on Gameday...

How is Wily Mo Pena in the major leagues? This absolutely has to be a bribery situation. Have I brought this up before? Has it happened to come up? Strip that guy for parts already. It's not even funny anymore. And as I say that, David Murphy replaces Wily. Meanwhile, the Yanks took out No Dice Kei, but they got out of that inning, and lead 5-2 after 5.

This Kouzmanoff guy--wears number 5, has a long name on his back, and look at that stance. It's like Nomar's playing beer league softball for the yellow and brown team. "Padres Plumbing."

Wow, just saw a shot of Dustin--he's got the blue sleeves underneath, and the crowd behind him, something about it just gave me bad '86 World Series memories. We're still up 2-1 at stretch time. Nice job by Dice after a shaky start. And MDC with Marty Barrett's number, and the blue underneath. So weird. And now he's pitching to a guy named Barrett.

"You got the 1310, your 1490, and the 1550!" That kid is awesome. You know that kid? With a head like a potato? Usually child-star types annoy the hell out of me. Like the Jerry MacGuire kid, or, oh man, I shudder to think of him--the "I see dead people" kid. But this potato boy cracks me up every time. You should see his truck... It's almost like they didn't think about it, they just chose the first kid that could say the lines. In fact, he was barely in the first commercial at all, then it's like the second one, they gave him more lines after the public demanded more of potato-boy.

Meanwhile, Oak is in, and he's out of the eighth. We go to the ninth, up 2-1. Bonds just homered off the assman. Had to do it with the damn bases empty... Yanks now up 6-3. More '86 memories, as I see Murphy's "BOSTON" with just crowd behind it. Probably the most footage I've seen of these unis since we stopped wearing them is from that World Series. Gimme some good Dave Henderson memories, brain! Lugo 0-4, down to an astonishing .198. We go bottom nine. Pap.

Assman gives up another hit, and I see two "pickoff attempt"s, and I know what they're doing, stalling for Mo, with five outs to go. Sure enough, they do it. You're so predictable, Torre. And Pap gets the first guy, looking fine. Gets the second out. Tying run coming up in Yanks game in eighth. Sox Nation going nuts in San D... Yanks out of it, go to ninth up three. I'm up now, with two strikes... Crap, Pap thinkin' macho instead of makin' the guy chase, and Murphy may have had a chance to catch that. Two strikes, and I'm up again... Hell yeah!!! Pap! After Remy claims gift on an earlier strike right on the corner, he then Ks the guy. (Didn't hear Remy making fun of Maddux for getting totally pissed about a pitch eight inches off the plate earlier. We're 10.5 up, as the Yanks hold on. Gold. 6 out of our last 7, and almost done with interleague.

Yeah, I was thinking the same thing about the lettering looking a little too thin; I also think that it's slightly larger than it was on the old unis.

And it does kind of ruin the whole 80's vibe when everybody wears them baggy instead of skin-tight. Also, to be realy authentic, they should have all have cheesy porn mustaches.
Jason Varitek with a mohawk, nose ring, and some weird thing around his neck... Now that's just awesome.
Yeah, if you're gonna do it, go all out. I suppose you can't make them wear it tight, since you could've worn it baggy back then, it's just that no one did. But give 'em the stirrups, get everything exactly right...

That is so weird they're altering the photos! With Manny, terrible job giving him long hair. He HAS long hair... Oh my lord, Papi as Mr. T.
Hazel on Sportsdesk just said we've won 5 of our last 6. Uh, while that may be true, it's 6 out of 7.

Now they're talking hockey--saying a draft pick has "a little Drury" in him. Amazing. All these years after he pithced in that Little League World Series, and now others are being compared to HIM, in another sport.
Had to watch the game on the Padres broadcast on Extra Innings last night. It was your typical home feed garbage, including the dreaded reference to Billy B. and the announcer boys being amazed how loud The Nation was in their ballpark. You all are right about the uniform lettering being way off (thin, too low on the chest). Am I right thinking that by the 80's most of the players were wearing those cheesy socks that just had the red stripe sewn on? Don't remember many of them wearing " Yaz socks".

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