Saturday, April 22, 2006

Jeff/Greene: A Bowlful Of Lookalike

Why didn't someone tell me Jeff Spicoli was on the Padres now? I saw him tonight playing against the Mets, wearing his camo jersey (?) with the backwards (?) American flag on the sleeve.

Note: I realized that there was no way I could've beeen the first to notice this. I googled "Spicoli Khalil Greene," and came up with this, from a blog called Petco Padres:

"Well, I knew things have gone bigtime because a fan with a custom Padres home jersey made the jumbotron Monday night with a Greene uni and 'Spicoli' embroidered on the back."

And I'm sure whatever wacky SportsCenter guys that around now are saying "Aloha, Mr. Hand" whenever he hits a bingy-bongy mcgee, or whatever they hilariously call home runs now. But even if everyone in the world knew about this already, I'd still post their pictures side by side because it amuses me so very much.

I love that you wrote about this... Like you said, I know it has been talked and written about before but it is all I see when I look at Greene. I almost can't take him seriously and, like you, it amuses me so very much! Have you ever heard him speak in an interview? He is kind of odd- in a good way. I like him so I'm not baggin on him, but he really is a character.
It's about time I got a comment on this post! Ha. Thanks.

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