Sunday, June 24, 2007

More Of "A Nation Poled" Plus A Tavarez Story

My cousin Kara of Live Free or Die Land, who currently lives in Sandy San D., got some nice shots at yesterday's Red Sox-Padres game. First, going back to my foul pole theory, this shot she got proves my theory. Mostly. You can see how that pole which comes off the main pole (which is actually the corner of that warehouse) is out in front, as opposed to the (fair) side. So a curving fly ball could (and, I believe, did Friday night) hit that pole on it's way to going foul, making a foul ball into a homer. And yes, as any baseball watcher knows, balls going down the line are almost always hooking toward foul territory, often at a severe angle. Compare the above pic to what I drew yesterday (note: she took the pic before seeing my drawing, and I drew this before seeing her pic, hence my random "330" instead of the actual distance):

Now here's Kara with an awesome Julian Tavarez story:

"So, we were watching the team warm-up from that standing room area next the "infamous" left-field foul pole (under the Western Metal Supply Co. building which houses the Padres store in the lower level and some sweet seats on the upper levels) when a fan asked Julian Tavarez to toss him an extra ball that was laying around. So, Tavarez walks over and instead of tossing the ball over the fence to the fan he made the guy hold the ball with his fingertips through the fence while explaining that, "this is a test." He went on about how life is a test with a huge smirk on his face. He then had the guy's wife do the same thing with the ball. They both eventually worked the ball to the top and climbed the fence to reach over the other side to get their balls. Tavarez also programmed his phone number in their cell phone and promised them tickets for the next home game. They were psyched! Here are some pics of that incident. Tavarez was having a lot of fun with the crowd. He then started playing toss with the San Diego ball girl."

Click these to enlarge.

Thanks, Kara! (More of her pics to come on Monday....)

Meanwhile, Sox lead by two going to the ninth, Yanks down three in the eighth.... Update: Sox win! Great job by Beckett, especially getting out of the inning in which he gave up the two runs. And it turned out to be a good call by Tito to let him hit in the eighth, instead of going to Okajima. So we save him, and Pap is on fire, with another save. WARNING: This is Beckett's 11th win. Beware of Sox bloggers everywhere quoting (and misquoting) This is Spinal Tap. You know the scene. Some blogs even have the eleven line and their take on the "stay classy, San Diego" line in one post. Yanks down 7-1 in the eighth. Looks like they'll be falling to third place, 11.5 behind us. For his key scoop at first base, David Ortiz is the JPotG award winner.


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