Sunday, June 24, 2007

Good Call, Bad Pole

New info added here.

Sox fans will be saying, about the reversed call on Bard's (and by the way, F you, Bard) homer, "They made the right call." Yes, the ball hit the foul pole. But let me ask you this. Why does that foul pole have another pole attached to the front of it? I know foul poles often have a screened pole or another pole attached to it, to make it wider, therefore facilitating fair/foul calls. But those additions to foul poles stick out to the side, meaning along the outfield fence. The Padres left field pole's "extention" points toward home plate, going along the foul line. So technically a ball could be curving foul, yet hit that front pole, when it would've gone to the foul side of the real pole had that front pole not been there. That's what this ball appeared to do. This is what I can tell from TV, anyway. (Maybe this ball would have gone on to hit the main pole--but that doesn't un-terriblejob-ify the pole setup. Note: their right field pole appears normal!) I will try to draw what I'm talking about and put it up here.

I'm glad umps are getting together to reverse calls when they mess them up the first time. But why not do this all the time? Why not have a replay system? Why not use robots instead of men with egos?

Sonny McLean's getting a plug on the game right now....

Saw Evan Almighty tonight. Fun movie.

Beautiful day in San Fran today, as the Yanks lose in 13. So we're 10.5 up even if we don't come back from this 6-0 deficit. Still think the Yanks will catch us by the Fourth of July, Murray Chass, you prick?

Update, 12:50 AM: We lose 6-1. Great pitching by the St. Jimmy Pops. Okay, here's what I'm talkin' about:

The correct setup (click these to enlarge, and therefore be able to see):

The terrible setup at the Padres park (from what I can tell on TV--maybe a San Diego person can get me a pic of this...):
Yes, I left out a word there. But you know what I meant. The direction the pole should, uh, sprout towards. And below is what Bard's ball did. They showed a replay from about this angle. And it really looked like if it had missed that frontal pole, it would've hit the brick wall on the foul side of the real pole:

Hi Jere..we can't win them all...and that reversed call, one of two, as you know, was correct. I had a great hi-def view, and I wish I was wrong, but it was a corrected call done the right way. Young was too tough. And the ball was actually on the inside portion of that warped foul pole. I'm sursprised the fill-in ump got it wrong in the first place.....lasic surgery, mayyyybe?

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