Friday, May 25, 2007

Sittin' On 23...

Wow, one quiz left. I hadn't checked the "prize chart" in a while, and I was actually thinking there were prizes for the top three finishers. But it's actually the top two. Plus one person gets my mom's book, but that's not necessarily for the third place person.

So, AJM has clinched a prize, as he currently leads with 24.85 points. Kara's in second with 21.82. She can still get first, but she can also be knocked out of second, as savethejellys has 18.23, and as you all know, a total of 5 points are split up and awarded for each quiz.

Nice battle brewin' for fourth: Matty has 12.9, Amy 10.8, JS 9.6, and BSM 7.9. So a full fiver from BSM would tie him with Matty for fourth.

After that we've got Mel, the third of three of my cousins on the board, with 4.6. Then, rounding out the 1 or more point-club, it's redsock, who jumped into the mix on the penultimate quiz, with 1.5, Ryan with 1.3 (how's that possible? Hmmm, maybe he should get the book...), and fellow Quizmaster Mighty Quinn with 1.1.

Everyone else has exactly 0.1 points: Sanfransoxfan, Witch City, Lance, My mom, Future, Michael Leggett, Dan, Novy, and pweezil.

In dead last as usual, it's Yankee fan Nick Smith, with 0.0 points. You know what, I think I'm gonna take away a point from Nick, citing the terrible job he committed by saying he'd get every quiz right, and never actually getting any points. This way "everyone else" will be tied for second to last, with 0.0, and Nick will be dead last, with -1.0. Congratulations, anyone reading this. You beat Nick Smith.

Very nice touch on the "x - clinched playoff berth"...just like in the newspapers.
So you're saying I got a chance?
jfAJM: Thanks. I also like how the home team, in newspapers, gets the special treatment (caps, bold, nickname instead of city name, etc.). It was always cool to visit my grandpa's in the summers out in Old Saybrook, because he'd get the Boston papers, so I'd get to see RED SOX in the standings amongst the other lower case city names, as opposed to seeing Yanks and Mets with the boldface in the Daily News, which is what we got at home. Along with the Times.

jfSTJ: Yes. More than one in a million.
I'm getting nervous with the finish line in sight! Hope I can hang on to 2nd...

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