Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Quiz Specs

Quiz season is underway. The current standings are shown at qwizz.blogspot.com. When you see a quiz, attempt to answer it in the comments section of that post. (Subject of quizzes will vary greatly!) There will be 24 quizzes. The 2 represents the 2 of 2004. The 4 represents the 004. They will be titled using Roman Numerals, in honor of the toppling of the empire in 2004. A total of 5 points will be awarded for each quiz. Partial credit will be given, so if you don't know it, take a guess. If you don't have a guess, tell me what a great guy I am. That one point you get for kissing up might win you the prize in the end.

First prize will be: A Rich Gedman Topps 1982 rookie card and a Rich Gedman 1982 Fleer rookie card AND your choice of an AUTOGRAPHED Marc Sullivan, Dave Stapleton, OR Bruce Hurst baseball card. You know, I gotta admit, the Hurst autograph looks pretty fake, like some kid did it. Just a warning. Also, a DVD of one or more of Jere's movies. (The ones I actually made, not any of the taped-off-TV clips.) Oh, and a special 1st place badge. Oh, and you know what else I just thought of? The banner at the top of my blog, minus the Gedman background. And minus the Halloween thing that's currently digitally there. You get that thing, too. Autographed by the artist.

Second prize will be also a Gedman '82 Topps rookie card. And a movie as mentioned above. And a "not quite good enough" badge. And some other artwork, signed by the artist, that I did for this blog at some point.

Good luck!

The 2006-2007 Quiz Season is brought to you by Coke Blak:


Will the quizzes appear here on the main site, or at the "quizz" site, thereby forcing me to completely forget about two different sites for a day or two and then realize I missed a quiz?
Great quiz stuff Jere, but I had no chance at question number one. I will keep coming back...as always.
The other site is just for the standings and results. Quizzes will appear here as always.
As a booby prize (or some other special category prize--i.e. the kid who tried the hardest but shouldn't be allowed to play until he can tie his shoes in under an hour prizw--as determined by Jere) I would like to donate my memoir, GIRLS OF TENDER AGE, which contains a picture of Jere at age 2 wearing a Red Sox t-shirt.
I'm angling for a DVD of Jere's special Cosby/Theo overdub. An autographed Stapleton card would be sweet too.
Can you imagine what that Cosby/Theo overdub would go for if the liner notes were signed by Bill Cosby, Malcom Jamal Warner, Jere and myself? We need to make this happen...
Oh and if the DVD doesn't have "Alarm King" on it, then man, I'll be pretty upset...
Wow, the thought of liner notes for each of my movies...I gotta do that.

Woohoo, an Alarm King mention!

Oh, and thanks for adding to the pot, mom. Anyone else have anything they'd like to throw in? With the book, the actual retail value of first prize just went up like 20 times.
In exchange for the "Alarm King" plug, you have to take a stab at the "trivia" question on my site...not trying to steal the trivia crown, just was thinking about that game today, retrosheeted it and found some interesting tidbits...take a shot, my man...
July 1st, 1999. Wade Boggs.
Too many clues, I think...but yeah, you nailed it...a terrible game to be at...I figured somebody would go through the Creighton angle...
I went to school in Nebraska, so I knew bout the Creighton, the Boggs/Omaha connection. I just got the Creighton, knew who that was, cuz I remember the plagued catcher, went to his 1999 season (his only one), clicked "daily," then clicked each home box score (there were only like 10, so I didn't even need to use the step of assuming it was more likely you'd be at a summer game, and just clicked them in order), until I found a 9-run loss.

Then I scanned that boxscore for a HoFer. Feel free to do quizzes whenever you want. That was a good one. Everyone should do them, all the time.
Coke Blak?


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