Thursday, May 03, 2007

S & C

Did I call that whole strength and conditioning thing or what? Yanks fired the dude yesterday.

Well, they don't have Constanza to kick around anymore, so this guy had to fill in as the Designated Scapegoat.

I have no idea whether he was competent or not (the commments from players indicate that he wasn't), but you really have to question why Ca$hman hired him to begin with given his underwhelming resume. The guy worked for the Expos' AA team like 12 years ago, and had been working at a country club in Palm Beach for the last several years...hardly qualifications to be the strength trainer for a marquee professional sports franchise. Mike and the Mad Dog apparently were saying that he was somehow tied to that 24 Hours Fitness promotional deal, and that the Marketing Guys in the Yanks' FO pushed Ca$hman to hire him. If that's true, then it's even more pathetic...
Nice win tonight. Anti-TJ by Manny.

And, most importantly: My Prayers Have Been Answered! Devern Hansack has been called up!
Marty Miller, we hardly knew know that guy's title was Director of Player Enhancement? So, in essence, he was in charge of DOPE? Talk about a Costanza...

Psyched as well to see Hansack...
It was last week that someone called Mike & the Mad Dog, telling them about the 24Hour Injury Fitnes Centers, or whatever, and how they were branding them with the Yankee name, etc. The guy said he read it in the Daily News, which is why I looked it up, and found and posted that article. Even though it seemed kind of like some random excuse at the time, it made sense to me that that's why they might be getting all thee injuries. It's just funny how Hughes gets hurt, and I say, Oh, he must have quickly come in and had some workouts with the new guy and therefore got injured--and then Steinbrenner, it turns out was actually thinking the same thing, I guess, making the guy a scapegoat. Still, they should get away from this crazy new fitness routine or whatever...

anti-TJ on the Hansack callup.

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