Tuesday, May 01, 2007

South Of Huston

From an April Daily News article:

...the Yankees entered into a 10-year strategic partnership with 24 Hour Fitness, a California-based fitness center company. According to the press release, one of 24 Hour Fitness' duties was the installation of a "state of the art fitness facility" at Yankee Stadium, but players have been less than impressed with the initial results.

"They've done a phenomenal job making the weight room nice," the player said. "Aesthetically it looks great, but functionally, there's nothing in there. You walk in there and there's four of the same machine and a bunch of empty space. What do you expect us to do in there?"

Cashman claims this new money-first operation isn't responsible for all the Yanks' injuries this season, but he's probably full of shit. After watching Pap blow the save and the Sox lose, and being totally pissed about it, I heard that Team Dunbar had a combined no-hitter. I immediately knew Hughes was injured--why else would you take a guy out of a no-hitter? I checked the 'net, and it turns out I was right. Pulled hammy for Hughes. Maybe they threw him into that weight room real quick once he got called up and it effed him up. [Update: Hughes out 4-6 weeks according to ESPN. For all the Yankee fans who laughed when Lester was diagnosed with cancer--justice is, let's say, 2% done.]

At least the no-hitter was broken up, as was the shutout, as was Jeter's hitting streak. So, in a way, things could've been much worse tonight. [Update, 5/4/07: I'm watching SportsCenter last night, and they're talking about Jeter's current 20-game hit streak. I swear those Rangers announcers were talking about Jeter's "last chance" that night, and he walked. I thought, Streak over. I guess I misheard. Myyyyy mistake.]

While watching Jeter's last at bat on the Rangers' network on mlb.tv, the announcers were talking about the Jeter phenomenon, spurred on by the fact that there were some "Jeterettes" at the Texas park. (Yes, they used that term, which I believe I coined in the late-90s, for little girls who only come to the park to scream for Jeter.) Anyway, they've got it all wrong. They were saying how all the extra stuff he does, like hosting SNL, wouldn't be there if he wasn't a good ballplayer. Absolutely wrong. It wouldn't be there if he didn't play in New York.

[Update: The Broseph is back! I guess his comedy troupe is called Pen is Heavy. Keep your eye out for that name in the coming years.]

Congratulations on your move Jere. Are you living in Brookline?

Maybe they should make Tavarez the closer. THe one thing about last night that concerns me (this goes for Sunday as well) is that Paps looks like he's starting to wear down already, and it's only a month into the season.
BTW, it's still a massive shame that BSM retired. He's wasting his skills on SoSH.
No on Brookline--although that would follow nicely in my line of really rich places i've lives in while being, like the poorest one there. But, no more guesses. Unless you want to e-mail me. Yeah, I see JTBs posts over at SoSH on the rare times I go there, and it's like, come on.
And no on the Pap breakdown. But if he was, I think if he was a starter, he'd be done for the year by now.

Oh, and the Huggies injury is also for Suzyn Waldman, who said on the air recently "Josh Beckett could fall down the dugout steps..."
So, the Yanks went ahead and fired their Director of Performance Enhancement (Insert Giambi Joke Here) Back when I worked in private equity deals in the mid-90's (remember, I'm old), I remember looking at a financing deal for 24-Hour Fitness. As I recall, the guy who ran it was pretty sleazy, and the whole operation seemed to be pretty shady, so we passed on it. Don't know if the sleazy founder is still involved, but it would be just like Ca$hman to not do his due diligence.
Isn't that crazy? I was just about to put up a new post about this, and then I did. Thanks for the inside info, though. This whole thing was a disaster waiting to happen.

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