Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The only good cat is a dead cat.
The classiest of the classy, ladies and gentlemen.
It's true. I killed a cat just one month ago for trespassing on my property. Put a bullet right between it feline eyes and blew it away.

They're the spawn of Satan.
Dear the NYYfan15, aka artist formerly known as "TrotMan7": I think I've made it pretty clear that you're not welcome here. What is it that makes you so obsessed with me? Can't you just go live your life?

Don't make me call your boss. This is borderline stalking. You don't want to lose your job over this.
CALL -- HIS -- BOSS!!!
CALL -- HIS -- BOSS!!!
CALL -- HIS -- BOSS!!!
CALL -- HIS -- BOSS!!!

(then just delete the posts. cleaning up the house, as it were.)

((aren't most yankee fan unemployed anyway, begging for spare change by toll booths?))
still, 2 posts and only one spelling or grammatical error. i'm impressed.

The only reason I let the first one go was to show, you know, the kind of thinks CFY fans say. Then I realized it was the same guy as before--the only person banned from commenting here, and the reason comment moderation has been on.

Or maybe this is a different person who just HAPPENS to work at the same company....

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