Wednesday, April 25, 2007

In His Own Mind

Here's something I just whipped up.

Matty, my Baltimore correspondent, won't be making it to this series, but he was kind enough to send this picture from the ballpark:

Nice win tonight. I watched on the Orioles' coverage on MASN, which is pronounced like NESN. I've said before that Seinfeld's Lloyd Braun (the second one) looks like Jim Palmer. After listening to Palmer do color tonight, I've realized he speaks like him, too. Gary Thorne now does play-by-play for the O's. Tonight, he claimed that the blood on Curt Schilling's "stocking" in 2004 was "painted on," and that Doug Mirabelli confessed to it. (video here)What? I've ever heard this before. Also, I've seen the sock, at the Hall of Fame in '05. I took this picture of it:
It's blood, dude.

One more pic, and this was e-mailed to me. By who? I'd guess Michael Leggett, thought I can't be sure. Maybe someone can verify this. It's a recent pic of the construction of the new Mets park, Citi Field:

Yanks were rained out tonight. They stay in last. We're now 2.5 games in first.

I was originally gonna do a whole "at the game" montage/photo series all about watching the game at home, like as if I was really there. I was gonna take a picture of a picture of a remote control and complain about how print at home tix don't work, then say I "scalped" a last minute ticket (picture of remote) because the ticket holder had already seen every "Law & Order" rerun; I was gonna take a picture of my fridge and compliment the beer selection, take pictures of all my Sox gear and say, "Sweet! What a souvenir shop!" Take a pic from the couch for the "view from seat;" make the obligatory, "Here, the beer doesn't stop in the 7th inning!" joke; compliment the quality of the frozen pizza, etc. But that seemed like an awful lot of work, so instead I just opened a beer and emailed you a picture of my tv. You're the only one who would've gotten the irony of my idea anyway.
Next thing Gary Thorne will want the Shroud of Schilling DNA tested.
It was, is, and always will be blood.
Matty--You should've done all that. There was talk of DNA today, too...

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