Thursday, April 26, 2007

Update on Thorne Thing

I would've had this up last night, but the on my computer is so ridiculous, there was no way for me to get to the point in the game where Thorne said the holocaust was a lie. Er, I mean, that Schilling "painted" his sock. Today, I commandeered Chan's computer to get what I needed. Watch below. [Note: video finally taken down by mlb on July 6th, 2007. RIP, this video.]

Joy Boy was watching last night, too, and e-mailed all the reporters about this, garnering some response. Also, Doug Mirabelli, of course, denied Thorne's allegation.

And scroll down a little for the pic I took of the sock in the Hall of Fame.

Thanks, Jere, just linked to this.
No, thank YOU.
Q: "Did you say the Holocaust was a lie? What, are you crazy?"

A: "No, but you are, if you don't order one of these incredible pasta makers!"
Good call, Matty--I've been thinking of that skit all day. "My friend says "rrrl" like it's not even a word, I say RUR-al."

Funny how Mike Myers had to really act like he did in that skit with the "Bush hates black people" thing.
Hey, pay attention to how this TV coverage is presented.

Clearly the Orioles TV staff knew AHEAD OF TIME that Thorne was going to say this becuase they were ready for the comment and INSTANTANEOUSLY cut to a shot of Shillling's ankle while Thorne is making this statement.

I work in TV, so I can tell you in order for this to happen, the producers of the Orioles broadcast clearly knew that this statement was comming, because they were ready with the close-up shot of Shillling's ankle.

So, dont just blame Thorne, the producers at MASN played a part in this.

Meanwhile, I think this is all silly, it's all a lot of hot air, becuase if you look at the sock that is at the Hall of fame it is clearly dried blood. It is turning bown, it is darker at the edges than in the center, in just the way that blood appears as it wicks in fabric, but that paint does not.

Thorne is just stiring the soup.


I respect your opinion coming from the TV side of things. But having watched baseabll all my life, cutting to a shot of a player being talked about is normal. Enough time passed from the moment he said "bloody sock" to the time they cut to the shot of the sock to tell me the truck people had time to react to what was being said and then get a shot of it. (Of course, they could've been sitting there saying, "Let's put up a graphic that says 'Thorne's nuts!'" like in the old COnan O'Brien bit where the closed caption person starts giving his opinions in the captions.)

About the sock: I know. I had a picture, that I took myself, up here on this blog 12 hours before Edes put one up. Scroll down.

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