Thursday, April 26, 2007

Bloggers WIN!

So Gary Thorne came out and said Mirabelli talked to him a while back, said the sock was painted, and he mistook this as serious when Doug was clearly joking. But my point is, why would Thorne repeat this on the air, all these years later, and act like it was common knowledge, instead of something that, if true, would be breaking news? Really weird.

I love how the bloggers are so far ahead of the "real" media. On the NESN pregame, they're all talking about how they "woke up this morning" to hear the news. I don't expect them to find out right away, since they wouldn't have been watching the opposing team's coverage (as I was last night, though right now I'm in NESN territory). But I know Joy and I blogged about it last night, as did many others, I'm sure. (Joy was the one who thought to actually e-mail reporters, I gotta get to that level...) It's like how the sports radio guys will often be completely clueless about things that anyone who follows the Sox on the internet knows from a mere check-in with the team's official site.

Mike & the Mad Dog talked about this thing today, acting like the Sox were going too far in trying to prove the sock was really bloody. Well, it's kind of an important piece of history, and we don't like when people lie about that stuff.

Remy is pissed that he had to hear about this stuff all day, and seemed almost bitter, like, "this is some blog thing, not real news."

Millar, of course, came out onto the field tonight with a red spot on his sock.

Because of all this, I got linked at a French site. And on the aol sports blog.

Boston Sports Media Watch linked me, but somehow couldn't figure out the name of my blog. Is the huge yellow sign not prominent enough? You don't think people will drive by and not see the sign, do ya? They also noted my vid-cam recording. (Sorry it wasn't up to snuff, guys--better than nothing, though, right?) By the way, I have to take that down soon, so I don't get kicked off GooTube again. So stock up, buddy boy.

The best thing about all this? Hundreds, possibly thousands of people, have now seen Chan's computer. [Update: Also, thanks to Reb for leting me use her in the first place.]

Good going, Jere. Nicely done!

It's super hard to see the name of your blog on the masthead. And since the URL is not the same as the blog name, it would be easy to get wrong.
I meant to say, I like the banner a lot. It's just hard to read the name. Bye now. :)
Cool to get a couple of links to your site...Nothing like a 6 game skid to make Mount Steinbrenner erupt. Expect to see Guidry back in uniform, and if they can find out where Catfish is buried they might go after him as well. I normally wouldn't be so pissed about seeing the Yanks lose, but I'm pissed at how loose they were while this suckery was going on. If your down 6-0, there shouldn't be a lot of laughing or clowning around going on, and I know Torre won't, but he should lay into those guys and get them straight. Since this is a Sox blog I don't want to rant about the MFY, why is everyone making a deal about Curt and his freaking sock? You'd think it just happened or something. This weekend series probably isn't do or die for the Yanks, but they can't leave this series like 10 games behind, never good.
L: Note: It does say the title at the very top in regular text at all times. I made the banner a little taller just now, though. It used to be very big, but I don't like it taking up most of the page, so I had made it shorter a while back. Should be a little (40, uh, pixels? 40 something) easier to read now. Thanks.

T: Talk aboutt he Yanks all you want. This blog is about both teams. (Can you say "10 games behind" again?)

To me it's not about Curt as much as it's about misinformation. (And bloggers teling the story while the media was fast asleep.)
"It does say the title at the very top in regular text at all times."

Huh. Not on my screen, it doesn't. Never has.

"To me it's not about Curt as much as it's about misinformation."

That's clearly what it's about. If people are too ignorant to understand that, well...

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