Monday, December 11, 2006

Have I Mentioned This Before?

The Yanks continue discount-mania. Today, ticket packs went on sale, one of which allows you to buy $42 Tier box seats to eleven games for a total price of $55. That's $5 per ticket--about 88% off the game day face value.

If anyone out there is a "real" reporter, can you please do a story on this, or at least mention it when the Yanks brag about their record attendance numbers at season's end? Thanks.

Again, if I put on a play in my living room, print up one million "tickets" on the office copier, walk outside and hand the entire stack to a homeless guy, can I say that one million people attended my play?

The Yankees could draw 5 Million Fans & lose about $100M, doing this.
Then again, reading the Empire's Home Page, that deal appears NOWHERE, unless it was this afternoon.
Are you saying I made it up, Michael? :)

It's in the "Holiday Packs." Pack # 6. 11 games, 55 bucks. Got the email last night, went on sale at 10 AM today.

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