Friday, November 17, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz VII

Two of the "I"s in the current ARSFIPT logo (here) are actually the eyes of two different celebrities. Name them. (partial credit will be awarded as usual)

Quiz VI
and Quiz III are still unsolved.

Clue, 11/26/06, 6:32 PM: The person we're still looking for (the eyes in the first "I" in "pinstripe") was a cast member of Saturday Night Live.

Joanna Newsome and Rich Gedman
Make that "Newsom"
Ha! Gedman is already well-represented in the banner...

Wrong on both.
Mr. Ortiz perhaps? I can hardly even tell that the other one is "eyes"
oj simpson and john lennon
Ortiz: No. Can't tell the other is eyes? Well, apparently BS can, because he got it! John Lennon is correct. The I on the right, in the word "in." Nice job!

OJ Simpson is incorrect.

So, 2.5 for BSM, and we're still trying to figure out the "I" in "pinstripe."
Pedro Martinez
No on Pedro.
Kurt Cobain?
No on Cobain.
monica lewinsky
No on Monica. We are talking about the first I in Pinstripe, right? (Yes, we are.)
johnny damon
Al Pacino
ps: All this time I thought the "i" in "in" was a b/w pic of the moon. I am still amazed it isn't.
The Lord?
Kevin Romine?
Wolverine from the X-Men?
Bronson Arroyo?
Matty: Worst guess ever. Wrong on Damon.
Kara: No on Pacino. Okay, I can see the moon in there. Ha.
Peter: Please specify a Lord. (If you mean Jesus, you're wrong. Also, unless you consider this person "the lord" of what they do, you're wrong regardless.)
STJ: Love the Romine guess. But wrong. You're taking liberties with the "wait til someone else guesses before you guess, if you're doing 3 guesses because there were at least 3 people guessing since your last one. But your other two are also wrong.
My bad. I'll hold off with my other 27 guesses.
Sylvester Stallone
No on Sly.
Che Guevara
No está Ché.
Yeah, I was just screwing around because we were debating Cuba. My wife and I are going to Argentina for our belated honeymoon next month, so I've been going around doing my imitation of Mandy Patinkin playing Che:

"You were supposed to have been immortal/That's all they wanted/Not much to ASK FOR!"

which kinda explains my latest guess in the other quiz.
Oh. I thought you were just continuing the "guess people Jere likes" theory. Dude, I hope you've been checking in with my friend Jason's blog. He's down in Buenos Aires, visiting that whole area there...


Lots of great pics and great stories from him.
Bill Cosby
Dammit, I was gonna guess Cosby next. Of course it'll turn out to be Cos.
No on Pudding Pops McGee.
The hair kind of makes me think Billy Jo Armstrong. And yes, I did save the picture, rotated it, and zoomed in, and still couldn't figure this out.
If you're seeing hair, either you're looking in the wrong place, or you think the black to the person's right is hair, which it's not.
I zoomed it, and all I saw was a blob.

But I'll guess that blob is...Adlai Stevenson!
Mr. T.?
Howie Mandell?
I'm trying to figure out how one person can see Mr. T and another Howie Mandel...

Both wrong.

Adlai: wrong, but cracked me up.
Julio Iglesias
Robert De Niro
Eleanor Roosevelt
No, no, and no. This is funny.
Mike Myers
Funny? Yes. Making me crazy? Definitely.

How about... Bono?
Marcello Mastroianni
Ok, I'm scared, don't hate me...

Since the "I" is in "Pinstripe" could it possibly be a yankee?

Like Derek Jeter?

(Kara is making me post this.) (Please don't ban me.)
I think Amy is on to something, but in case she is wrong I am going to guess Andre The Giant.
Okay, I think I've narrowed it down to either Mao Zedong, or Warner Wolf.
Bob Dylan!
Gene Simmons?
So many guesses, so many wrong answers. A non make-up Gene Simmons? Jeter? Come on.
Samuel L. Jackson?
Theo Epstein
Pablo Picasso
They're your eyes, Jere.
Wow, Matty pulls a Bernie Carbo, going from worst guess to best guess. But still wrong. As are Picaso, who was never called an asshole, Theo, and Jules Winfield, our man in Inglewood.
Jonathan Richman
This is insanity.

Pumpsie Green?
Total insanity!

Marlon Brando?
Jere's Mom's eyes?
Better yet, Willie Tasby.
Damn...I was gonna guess Brando!
I still can't believe that it wasn't Warner Wolf.
I admitted to Jere that I couldn't even find the the "is." (He did not guffaw.)
I was in BA last year and we went to this family restaurant where the concierge from our hotel told us was unrealistic without a bodyguard. With a challenge like that, off we went. (There were ten of us). The minute we got in, we saw a balcony from nowhere above the dining room. Dad had to hold me back so I wouldn't climb up there and sing, "Don't Cry for Me, etc."
Now I've seen the eyes. They're clearly El Tiante's.
(Amy! Johnny Damon is dead!!!)
Witchy! Chime in!
Manny Ramirez
I'm a little confused by Jere's hint that Matty's guess was closest, but the eyes look a lot like this pic of Belushi :
Charles Manson
Okay, NOW it's insanity. Note: Saying Matty's me guess was the best wasn't a hint. I just meant he came up with something really unique. So don't think about that when guessing.

No Richman, no Pumpsie, no Brando, no mom, no Tasby, still no Wolf, no Tiante, no Manny, no Belushi, no Manson. This is a who's who of...the world. Or a crazy Thanksgiving dinner.

Mom, Matty guessed Damon, Amy guessed Jeter. I'm still so confused about you not finding the "is."

STJ: Just curious, how did your research lead to that link?

Also, I think it's funny how the same person can guess a black person AND a white person when referring to the same picture!

I think it would be really funny if someone guessed the Quiz VII answer to Quiz VI, or vice versa. (It hasn't happened yet.) I'm wondering if we'd have gotten to the answer quicker if I's just said "Name anyone."
Billy Joel
Lando Calrissian.
One of the answers to the 80's movie "what way? what way?" was Belushi and for some reason I thought he died in '79.
1. Loved those crazy Thanksgiving dinners..

2. I have to admit that the Belushi link looked very similar to the eyes.

3. I know, TJ on the Jeter.
Mike Tyson
Nice post K-Boogie. MT.
Michael Clarke Duncan?
Patrick Stewart, aka Capt. Jean-Luc Picard...dork...
Dennis Rodman
I like the Chan guess, but no. No on Joel, no on Lando, no on Iron Mike, no on MCD, no on Stewart.
No on Rodman.
Ellis Burks
Jim Rice?
The foreign child you adopted for the price of a cup of coffee a day...oh wait, someone already guessed Chan...sorry.
No on Burks, no on Rice, no on MLK, still no on Chan.
George Foreman
Don Orsillo
Orlando Cabrera
No on Fo', 'lo, and O.
By the way, thanks for the Argentina blog heads-up. Oh, and I think I'm going to hire your mom as our Buenos Aires tour guide.
Dwight Evans
jfAJM: You're welcome.

Headline: Dewey Correct Answer.

Oh, whoops, paper was printed too early. No on Evans.
Mona Lisa?
No on M-Lease.
ps: my brain is hurting!
No on Loafy McGillicutty.
Tedy Bruschi
"If you don't have a guess, tell me what a great guy I am."

Jere, have I ever told you that you're my favorite cousin?
Amy, no kissing up to the Jere-meister... He's MY favorite cousin!
No on Tedy.

Amy: Noted. You've always been my favorite cousin, too.

Kara: Noted. You've always been my favorite cousin, too.
Muhammad Ali?
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
David Blaine.
No on the Greatest. No on the Illusionist.
Jere, have I ever told you that you're my favorite UES-based Sox blogger?
jf Ajm: Ummm...essentially. Wow, people are really racking up the tenths of points...
The Incredible Hulk, when he was not being the Hulk?
Doug Mientkiewicz
George "The Animal" Steele...
Morgan Freeman
No on Doug, Animal, Freeman.
Mike Greenwell
Cheech Marin
No Gator, no Cheech.
George Carlin
Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead...
"Bruce Campbell from Evil Dead..."

Ash...that's a good one. I wish I had come up with it. By the way, I take pride in the fact that I played a part in this thread devolving into random guesses.
No Carlin, no Campbell.
It is someone everyone's heard of. Just so you know.
Santa Claus!
George Harrison
Mo Vaughn
Lee Tinsley
sammy sosa
No on St. Nick, good thinkin' on saying another Beatle, but no on George. (Even though, note, I didn't purposely try to find Lennon's face, I'm not a Beatles fan, I just kinda saw it and used it)

No on Mo, no on Tinsley, no on Izzy Alcantra. If you were thinking about it.
No on Sosa.
Ian McKellan as Magneto...
Saddam Hussein
Pedro's little friend Nelson (RIP).
Michael Jackson
Bill Clinton
Dr. Phil?
Tom Hanks
Elton John
"no on Izzy Alcantra. If you were thinking about it." knew that I was. And just for that...

...Dwayne Hosey
No on Magneto, no on Saddam,
No on Nelson,
No on King of Pop, no on King of Rock n Roll,
No on Bill, no on Phil
No on Tommy, John
No on Hosey, no on Housey
But do you recall
The most famous random name of all...

Somebody's gotta get it eventually.
Charlton Heston in Planet of the Apes...
It IS Rumplestiltskin. No, of course it isn't. Or Heston. In any movie.
Rudy Giuliani.
Burl Ives
You're smart as a whip, Kara. The whip that Santa cracks over the reindeers' butts. But wrong with Burlie.

Rudy: Rong-y.
Back to 'Dan Duquette's Greatest Hits Collection':

Troy O'Leary
Kevin Spacey
Neil Diamond
ps: Happy Thanksgiving! Wish I was there with you guys... Kick butt in 'Initials' for me.
George Clooney
No Troy "Luck o the Irish" O'Leary. No Spacey, Diamond, Clooney.

Hopefully there will be an Initials game today. I'll let you know. Happy T-Give, everybody.
Billy Bob Thornton
John Travolta
Suri Cruise
No on BBT, no on Vinny Barbarino, no on TomKat, Jr.
Freddy Prinze, Jr.
Al Nipper?
No on Freddy, no on Nip.
Jack Nicholson
ABsolutely amazing. I just had a conversation about Nicholson with my mom. I got off the phone, looked up some info, wrote her back about Jack, then opened this new piece of mail from Matty that said "Jack Nicholson."

But he's still not the answer.

(The thing I was talking about was how he wore a Yankee hat instead of a Sox hat in The Departed, despite that the character was from Southie. If you don't want to have a Sox hat on, fine, but to change it to a Yankee hat? F U.)
Johnny Cash
No on J-Money.
Rudy Pemberton
By the way, Freddie Prinze Jr was an even worse guess than Jeter, IMO. Crappy actor, and a Sox-hating, Dunbar-loving tool.
Steve Van Zandt
So which team did Rumpelstiltskin root for?
No Rudy, no Stevie, haha on the Rumpy comment. I think that deserves a touché, AJM.
Yep, touche. Sorry Amy, I meant no offense. But Freddie Prinze Jr is a tool.
And, back to the point at hand:

Morgan Burkhart
A name that sounds awesome in a Boston accent. But wrong.
None taken. I don't know anything about him, so I'll take your word for it.
Keanu Reeves
No on Ted "Theodore" Logan.
Creighton Gubanich
No on The Plague.
Billy Zane
Denzel Washington
Wes Chamberlain
James Caan
No on those four.
Steve Carell
No on Gary. (of Ace & Gary) Quiz within quiz (for no points): Who voiced Ace?
Stephen Colbert
loved the duo
Cuba Gooding Jr.
Answer to Gary quiz: correct. They have a DVD out now, the best of Saturday TV Funhouse.

Cuba: incorrect.
Off Subject: Jere, I was just looking through your "Archives" and noticed you posted a link to the Cluckin' Chicken skit. You are awesome for that! One of my all-time favorites. Can I say, 'Nice Job.'?
Eric Estrada
No on Ponch. Cluckin' Chicken: I'll never forget when it originally aired. Me and my sister started laughing almost immediately, effectively missing almost the entire thing. Fortunately we were taping, as per usual, for our parents to watch with us the following morning. It makes sense you would be a big fan, too. Note: I uploaded that myself, which is the case with 99% of vids I put up on here.
No on Ponch. Cluckin' Chicken: I'll never forget when it originally aired. Me and my sister started laughing almost immediately, effectively missing almost the entire thing. Fortunately we were taping, as per usual, for our parents to watch with us the following morning. It makes sense you would be a big fan, too. Note: I uploaded that myself, which is the case with 99% of vids I put up on here.
Jake Gyllenhaal
One last guess of the day (PST): Rudy Seanez
Cluckin' Chicken: Is it possible that the skit came out around Thanksgiving and we would have been talking about it at Nana's? Also, do you remember us playing a tape of the The Jerky Boys at the dinner table for the 'adults.' Those were some great Thanksgivings!
No on Jake. No on Rudy.

That sounds right, talkin' CC at Nana's. Jene was big on saying "Ga ga ga gooey." And that's funny because we talked about Jerky Boys this Thanksgiving, too. Must've been T-give '92 that we played the Jerky Boys tape. I also brought up how you used to say, for Initials games, "People against the adults."
Wilt Chamberlain
No on 20K.
Matt Dillon
No on Ritchie White from Over the Edge.
Spike Lee
Neville Chamberlain
Slash (GNR)
Not a Spike Lee joint, negative on Nevy, wrong/incorrect on Slash.
George Washington, final answer

That's a funny story about Initials...

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