Monday, October 30, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz III

Okay, there's a Brian Cox movie that has a scene that's almost identical to a scene in another movie. The actor in that other movie's version of the scene was in yet another movie in which A. a US president's name was mentioned to him in a conversation, and B. featured an actor who had the same name as that president. Name this movie.

Current quiz standings/results here.

Clue, 11/13/06, 11:16 AM: The Cox movie also had Bill Murray in it.

Lets see...

Brian Cox was in "Manhunter" in which he played Hannibal Lecter.

Anthony Hopkins played that character in "Silence of the Lambs"

Anthony Hopkins was in "NIXON" which features a ton of ex-presidents "playing" themselves.

That's my best guess off the top of my noggin. Oddly worded question.
Eh, you'll probably snag a little credit for that. Not what I was thinking of.

The more oddly worded, the more fun.
This one is beyond me. Bt honesty counts for no points!
Rushmore is the first movie. But it's the third movie in the question that I'm looking for. So, wrong.

(yes, I'm breaking your 24 hour rule, but this quiz has already fallen off the main page)
er, whoops, I meant your "somebody else has to guess before you can guess again rule"
Sorry, the 24-hour rule is always in effect. So, your guess of JFK will go into effect tomorrow at 2:14. Unless someone else guesses JFK before then. But they, and you, would be wrong.
Either way, then.
I have not yet begun to guess wrongly!

I do have another two all lined up for tomorrow.

By the way, Rushmore paid homage to two great movies with nearly identical scenes...I could go down either path.
Wrong on G-burg.
OK, this is probably wrong, but if you go down the Val Kilmer in 'Heat' path you could then say 'The Doors' because Richard Nixon is mentioned in the credits as "himself." Obviously he wasn't an actor in the movie, it was just a credit from archived footage in the movie. Also, I have no idea if Richard Nixon's name is mentioned to Val Kilmer "Jim Morrison" in the movie but I thought it was worth a shot.
I checked the script, and no one says Nixon's name to Morrison in the movie. I will say that you're getting closer to the answer. And Kara gets a free guess now since that was a clue.
Come on Kara, you can do it! (Kara is pretty good at trivia-especially the "Battle of the Sexes" game. We almost always smoke the boys.)

Pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty, pret-ty good. (L.D.)
Nice job on the "pret-tyyyyy."

Also, anyone can guess here. I just meant Kara can guess before anyone else chimes in or in less than 24 hours since I added a clue.
Enemy of the State
Incorrect. (I just got your comment in my email, and it never says what post the comment is from, so I thought you were just calling me an "Enemy of the State" for what I just wrote about Cuba.)
Kiss Kiss Bang Bang?
Nope. I promise there is an answer. Keep trying!
I think I have exhausted every possible Kilmer movie... unless my source at is unreliable in which case I'll never get it. Thanks for the vote of confidence Amy. I'll throw out another guess tomorrow.
I think you're gonnaa get it.
I know it!!! But I can't answer yet!!!
Well, my last comment counts as a clue. So go ahead and guess.
It's gotta be Willow.
It's not Willow. Or Labyrinth.
Top Secret! (yippee!)
Woohoo! Top Secret! it is.

The Cox movie is one of my favorites, Rushmore. Rushmore has a scene in which Max says "Make it out to Ready Demolition, Tucson, Arizona" when buying explosives. In another one of my favorites, Heat (which came out a few years earlier), Val Kilmer's character, Chris, also buys explosives, and says the exact same line as Max.

Kilmer also plays Neeek Rivers in Top Secret!. Jimmy Carter's name is mentioned to him in the film, and the character Deja Vu is played by Jim Carter.

Good job, Kara.
Kara: 4.2 points.
AJM: 0.4 points for getting a big part of the question, albeit after a clue.
BSM: 0.4 points for his good guess.
High five, K.!

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