Tuesday, November 07, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz VI

What actor said the line "What way? What way?"

(Quiz III is still unsolved.)

Clue, 11/13/06, 11:17 AM: The line was sung, rather than spoken. And it was in a movie. From the 1980s.

Clue, 11/26/06, 6:30 PM: On this quiz, someone has already guessed a person with the same last name as the actor in question.

The line was "said" in Japanese, no?
Not at all.
Brian Cox. (Thought maybe you were trying to spark interest in quiz 3)
Good thinkin'. Sounds like somethin' I'd do. But wrong.
I am going to guess Chevy Chase. Maybe in Three Amigos or something? I know he sings in that movie.
Thanks for takin' a shot...but wrong.
Rick Moranis?
Steve Martin?
Bill Murray
Johnny Depp
Mandy Patinkin
No on MP.
Val Kilmer
No on Batman/Nick Rivers/Jim Morrison/Chris from Heat.
Dame Judi Dench.
Haha. Definitely not the Dame.
Robin Williams?
No on Doubtfire/Popeye.
Martin Short
Dustin Hoffman?
No on Ed Grimley. No on Tootsie.
Michael McKean
No on St. Hubbins.
John Candy
Christopher Guest
No on Freddy (from Splash), no on Tufnel.
Dan Akroyd
Dan Akroyd
oops, sorry for the duplicate.
John Belushi?
Christopher Walken?
Dudley Moore
Julie Andrews in Victor/Victoria
No on all these. Wow, that Julie Andrews guess sounds well thought-out. But not what I was thinking of.
Oh, wait! I get it! Because we don't know if you're male or female...

Nice work.
Mel Brooks
No on Mel Brooks.
Roy Scheider
kenneth branagh
Ooh, Chief Brodie. That woulda been good. But wrong, as is Kenneth.
Slyvester Stallone. At the very least, he kept saying "What favor?" in Rocky III.
Interesting. But no.
Tom Cruise?
No on TC.
Richard Dreyfuss
Nice. But wrong.
Jim Hensen.
Nicholas Cage
Frank Oz.
Amy: It wasn't in a Muppet movie. Wrong on Jim.

Wrong on Cage.

STJ: It, um, isn't a Muppet movie. Wrong on Oz. But Amy would've been pissed if it had been Oz.
Yeah, I figured that would be the next guess.

Kevin Bacon?
Vincent Gardenia
Sean Astin
Anthony Edwards
No on KB, VG, SA, and AE.
Lou Diamond Phillips
No on Lou DP.
I'll go with Ricardo Montalban, just because he's 86 years old today. And because he's mas macho.
Jennifer Grey
Patrick Swayze
No on Ricardo. Debatable on whether Lorenzo is mas macho than Ricardo.

No on Grey. And there's no grey area here.
No on Swayze. But Ghost was just on TV recently.
Betty White
No on B-Why.
Bernadette Peters
No on Bernie.
Whoopie Goldberg
No on Oda Mae Brown.
Patrick Dempsey
Richard Pryor
No on Pat and Dick.
Rodney Dangerfield
No respect.
Billy Crystal
John Cusack
No on Billy C and Jack 'sack.
Michael Jackson
Rosie O'Donnell
No Jacko, no Ro.
Rob Lowe
No on Bunjjje-amin.
Emilio Estevez
Anthony Michael Hall
No on them or anyone else from The Breakfast Club.
OR that Breakfast Club.
Oops! Just realized I guessed out of turn. Sorry.
ha. I didn't notice. Wait for two more guesses this time.
Danny Aiello
No on Aiello. Clue will be added between 6:30 and 7:09 Eastern today. (The last person to guess before a clue is released CAN be the first to guess after.)
Does the clue mean that I can guess on this one now, or should I still wait another person?
Guess now, clue rule overrides other rule.
Joan Cusack?
Sorry. No Joan.
Jim Belushi
Sorry. No Jim.
Wow, Kara and Amy guess Joan and Jimmy.
Courtney Cox
Janet Jackson
No Cox. No Miss Jackson.
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Brian Doyle Murray
No on BDM. (I erased a duplicate comment above.)
John Astin
Heather Henson
Roger Moore
John Scott Martin
No on those last 4.
Chad Lowe
No Lowe.
Kellie Martin
No K-Mart.
Edward Andrews
Victoria Jackson
No Ed, no VickJack.
Albert Brooks
YES! Albert Brooks. So glad you got that, after your ill-timed dinner. I felt really bad.
In Twilight Zone: The Movie, at the beginning, Brooks and Aykroyd are listening to "Midnight Special," the Creedence version. After the line "By the way she wears her apron," Brooks sings out "What way? What way?" Point totals to follow.
Nice work, AJM!
Okay, AJM gets 4.4 points. Any other winner would've gotten less after that second clue, but since he was the one who said Mel Brooks, he gets more. (I tried tipping it off at the time by saying "no on Mel Brooks," instead of "no on Brooks," but it didn't work.)

Kara and Amy get .25 each. All the time they've spent on VI-VIII with no correct answers has to be rewarded.

0.1 goes to SanFran SoxFan for the great Victor/Victoria joke, which he/she may/may not have meant to be funny. But it worked for me.
Wahoo! I get a 0.1! Actually I had forgotten about the if I am a man/woman issue but I'll take a point any way I can get it. Thanks!
Yes! Thank you! No reason to feel bad, Jere. And thank you Kara too!

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