Thursday, November 02, 2006

'06-'07 Quiz IV

What announcer's catch phrase is the same as the network he works for?

Note: Quiz III has not been answered yet. Unlike John McElroy's 5th grade predictions, I won't be going by the "one has to end before the next can start" method, as I have in past years of quizzes. If you're curious, McElroy's first prediction, "Dwight Gooden is on drugs," came very true, at which point he predicted that the Danbury Fair Mall in Danbury, Connecticut, which opened in September of '86 and was built on swampland, will "fall down." We are still waiting. I mean, I'm just rooting for it to see what the dude's next prediction will be.

No clue..but have a great night, and then the weekend
Marv Albert
thanks, Peter

BSM: correct. a nice clear-cut 5 points for you.
you're welcome. for the set-up.
BS gets 'em's LOST this year, BSM?? I for one am way disappointed.
It's always the case...I never have immediate access to a computer when Jere posts one of his very infrequent super-easy quizzes.
Dammit...I think you should put up a "heads up"- like, "Be near your computers at 2:38 PM on 11/2, or you may not see the question until it's too late." That's just me being gripey. Quiz 3 answer: Crimson Tide.
Haha, you wish it were that easy! I post the quizzes as I think of them. Or whenever. Part of it is the luck of being the first to see it.

You're throwing off the cosmic ballet by answering one quiz in another one's comments. Answer at Quiz III and I'll tell you you're wrong there. Good guess.
But I'll say this, in reference to AJM above: If one quiz is taking a while, I'll be more likely to throw out an easy one to get things moving. Maybe.
Not that anyone else on JERE'S website cares, Peter, but I think it's been absolutely fantastic.
hee hee. Hey BSM, I saw on I think Baseball Desert that some other sports blog writes about Lost. You should kick his ass.
OK, I'm back. Yea, that dude's eating out of a straw now.
Nice job. He should be lauded for his rapid transition to his new life, though.
Marvin P. Auftrig of Brooklyn, NY, works for The Yankees Entertainment & Sports Network in respect to the NJ Nets:

He changed that name to Marv Albert.
Very good, Michael. Too bad it doesn't get ya any points....

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