Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I generally don't like war movies. And not just because I threw up when Platoon was shown on CBS in, like, 1989--not because of anything in the movie, I just ate some bad McDonald's, and proceded to barf into the McDonald's bag. My sister also was in some high school play that night, I remember. But, again, the hurling was from the food, not the acting.

Last night, Saving Private Ryan was on HBO. Nothing else was on, and I was doing something else anyway, so I left it on in the background. Perfect, since I really don't need to see a bunch of people getting blown up and shot, but I figure maybe there was a good story to it, or something. I don't know.

Every time I looked up at the screen, I saw a different actor that I've never before pictured in fatigues. I had no idea. I paid no attention when it came out. This movie should be called Saving Sam Malone.

"Sargeant Cory from My Two Dads, cover the left flank. Colonel Roger Maris, you take the right. Privates Sam Malone, Slick from Heat, and Joe Fontana, you stay with me. Where are Colonel Will Hunting and the alcoholic Uncle Ned from Family Ties?? We need to move, now!, Leiutenant Miles and Mike Newhouse, put that booze away before Uncle Ned sees it!"

I don't know, it just didn't "work" for me.

Off topic Jere, but I'm good at it! This just came through from mediaweek.com.

"Major League Baseball and Turner Sports are expected to officially announce at a 4 p.m. media conference (today..Tuesday..) that they have reached a deal for
Turner to get the TV rights to the remaining American League and National League Championship Series games each year from 2007-2013, according to
John Consoli."

So this is......goodbye Fox? Next year. Maybe...I think...your opinion? Thanks...
I once tried to get to a track at the end of the Ramones's Loco Live disc, and had to skip through each song to get there. It got really funny after a few songs, because almost every single one of them begin with Johnny yelling 1-2-3-4! Over and over again. I feel like if you put Saving Private Malone in the ol' VCR and fast-forwarded, wherever you stopped you'd get Tom Hanks staring, steely-eyed, off into the distance.
Dude, you know what the best for that effect is? That AC album. Well, any one I guess. Because they all start with this weird "weee" guitar thing.

I know Fox has the World Series for a bunch of years in a row, but I guess not the CS's.
Glad to bring you breaking news......
I'm not big into war movies either but I love Red Dawn.
Apocalypse now I liked. And maybe some others, but I can't remember.
There are a few war movies that I absolutely love- non of the "Green Berets" rah-rah shit, obviously. Off the top of my head...

The Thin Red Line
The Grand Illusion
Apocalypse Now
Full Metal Jacket
Glory (was OK)
Bridge on the River Kwai

There are a few war documentaries I've always loved, too, if those count.
"Saving Private Ryan" is one of my favorite war pics ever, and it got robbed of the Best Picture Oscar back in 1999. The first 25 minutes kept me on the edge of my seat, and I caught part of it the other night, too....It worked for me.
I thought the first 25 minutes were some of the most brilliant work put on film, and the rest was just a shitty, beautifully shot John Wayne flick. Boring and cliche'd to the max.

I'm with Jere. I also agree that gratuitous and unnecessary cameos are death on a movie like that.
Never saw any of those you mentioned above besides AN. And a bunch of Platoon. So if I want to try some I'll pick from that list.

Documentaries don't count. Because I'd watch a doc if it looked interesting, regardless of the subject.
After eating that Bad McDonald's Burger as a kid, no wonder you went Vegan!

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