Wednesday, July 26, 2006

No Pal Of Mine

Shaggy-haired and fu manchued (fued manchu?) catcher Sal Fasano has signed wil the button-down Yankees.

Terrible job, Sal. The guy clearly enjoys looking the way he does. But wave a bunch of cash in front of his nose, and he'll change everything. He's a perfect fit for the Yanks. (Or was I right in my prediction that Steinbrenner realized right after 2004 that free-spirits can actually win and now he's just copying the Red Sox?)

By the way, I'm so glad the Yankees have this guy because he can't hit for shit.

Fasano was traded for a AA 2B.
Oh crap, what will Sal's Pals do now?

There should be a museum for all the old fake beards, mustaches and long haired wigs that were used by fans to support their old favorite players - the ones that are now Yankees.

As Original & Innovative as Micro$oft!
To be fair to Sal, he was traded to the Dunbars, as BSM pointed out. But that said, the guy's entire game, such as it is, was really wrapped up in his 'stache and his Shag-Cum-Mullet hairdo. What's the point of him playing for that team? Reminds me of that guy who used to play centerfield for us...can't remember his name now.
Call me old-fashioned, but if my boss trades me to some company that kills babies, I just refuse to go. I should've said "has been acquired by" instead of "has signed with."
Still, you have to love his retro-70s, porn star mustache.

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