Thursday, June 15, 2006

This Day In Jere History

2005--Jere meets Witch City Sox Girl in person for the first time, at Boston's historic Fenway Park.

2004--Jere writes an optimistic post about the Red Sox that turns out to be prophetic, including such lines as "I'm gonna root my ass off for my team and this year it's gonna be fun right up until the end." and "'s in our hands. If we want to beat [the yanks], we can do it."

1985--Jere most likely goes to Pat's house and plays outside. Probably Wiffle Ball. Or Frisbee. Hey, kinda like his life now.

1981--Jere puts the finishing touches on a successful year in Mrs. Barkal's kidergarten class.

1975--Jere's hearing fully develops within the womb. As he reacts to sounds, his pulse increases. He begins to move in rhythm to music.

Classic Jere post. You should follow in your Mom's footsteps with that kind of talent.
Thanks, guy.

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