Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Reaction Brody Had When He Realized He'd Killed The Shark

1986 Red Sox to be honored at Fenway!!!!

A few months ago, I did a "future post" about this. I even nailed the date (out of three possible dates). And yes, you all missed your chance to get the ticket I offered up for this historic night! Terrible job!

The following will be there that night, according to the article, with more to come. (And an unlimited supply of money ready to be offered to Buckner until he caves, I assure you.):

Dennis "Oil Can" Boyd, Steve Crawford, Bruce Hurst, Tim Lollar, Al Nipper, and Joe Sambito; catcher Marc Sullivan, infielders Marty Barrett, Wade Boggs, Pat Dodson, Spike Owen, Ed Romero, and Dave Stapleton; outfielders Dwight Evans, Jim Rice, Mike Stenhouse, and LaSchelle Tarver; and coaches Walt Hriniak and Joe Morgan.

Damn. I'm going the 28th, which currently is the Pedro game. I'm not sure what would be better. Leaning towards Pedro.
PS Deadspin did a whole feature on Wally being the purple teletubby of RSN -

yeah and then they posted a comment by some dunce claiming to be a season ticket holder who said that 1995 was the year the Red Sox won their first Wild Card and got "Knoblauched out of the ALDS by the Yanks." (We won the division that year, lost to the Indians in the ALDS, and Knoblauch wasn't on the Yanks.)

That's the problem with that site. They cover (steal) so many different things that they're gonna fuck up facts about your team.
Billy Buck declined.
Head games, Peter. You give someone enough money, they'll do anything. There will be drama, complete with wheeling, dealing, reluctance and finally forgiveness, all leading up to one of the biggest standing ovations in Fenway history.
May I start something here? A la last year's "What I will do if Manny stays," can we all say what we will do if Bill Buckner shows?
I will donate $10 to his favorite charity.
I have noticed the Absense of Schiraldi:

Joe Sambito is a Brooklyn Boy.
If Buckner shows, we should all punch ourselves in the neck for what that man went through...everyone who posts on here at one time or another really blamed him for '86. You know you did...also, if he shows up, in my imagination I will kick Johnny Mac for not bringing in Stapleton, and I will kick Jim Ed for not knowing how to make the turn at third. I vow this for you, Billy. You got a raw deal.

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