Monday, March 06, 2006

Future Post: 6/27/06

Tonight, the Mets were at Fenway to take on the first place Red Sox. It was a perfect night for a celebration of a team that never really got its due: The 1986 American League Champion Boston Red Sox. Twenty years ago, this ballclub came within one strike of becoming World Champs. Tonight, they were back, to face the now much more forgiving Nation.

In a pre-game ceremony, the '86 squad gathered in the dugout, anxiously awaiting their chance to right what went wrong. As each player was introduced, he ran out to his old position. The crowd went wild for Rice and Evans as they trotted to their outfield positions. The pitching staff gathered around the mound. Oil Can Boyd sprinted out and took the victory lap he never got to make, high-fiving the Boston fans.

Gedman, Boggs, Barrett, and Spike Owen took their places around the infield to the cheers of the crowd. There were only two left, and everyone knew who they were.

Bob Stanley gritted his teeth and headed for the rubber, and tears came to his eyes as he was given a standing ovation.

The crowd then started to murmur. Was Bill Buckner in the house? If he was, did he have it in him to take the field?

He was, and he did. Billy Buck limped out of the dugout, to one of the loudest ovations in recent memory. He took his spot at first base.

That's when the fun started.

From out of the visiting dugout, a man in a Mookie Wilson jersey emerged. It wasn't Mookie, that was for sure. Current Sox reliever and 2004 World Series hero Keith Foulke had dressed as Wilson, and stepped into the left-handed batter's box.

The scoreboard set the scene: 10th inning. Red Sox up by one. Two outs. Two strikes.

Stanley deals. It's low and inside on purpose. Rich Gedman puts his whole body out in front of the ball, and blocks it. No wild pitch. Manny Ramirez, in Kevin Mitchell uniform, stays put at third, as does David Ortiz, doing his best Ray Knight impression, at first.

Now the Fenway crowd is on it's feet.

Steamer throws another pitch. Foulke swings, and promptly chops it back toward Big Foot. Stanley stabs it, runs halfway to Buckner, and pitches it underhanded...

Bill Buckner kept the ball. The team didn't even ask for it back.

And then everyone complained that Larry Lucchino did this just to make money.

(Note: Roger Clemens does not exist in this fantasy.)

What have we learned, people? That's right. The 1986 team needs to be honored in this the twentieth year since it's magic, tragic season.

Since this probably isn't going to happen, at least not in the way I described, I am offering up a Red Sox-Mets ticket for trade. While ordering tickets by phone a few weeks ago, I had another game to buy to reach my two-game maximum. I checked all the weekend games, but there were only singles available. I grabbed a single to the Mets game on Tuesday, June 27th, 2006. (I knew I wasn't going to the Mets series, anyway, since it's a mid-week, unless maybe I'd been able to get two.) So, this ticket is my Andy Marte. I'm looking for two tickets to any weekend game at Fenway. For these, you get one Mets-Sox ticket, infield grandstand, section 15, about halfway up the grandstand. Ticket is NOT marked obstructed view. Email me with your offer. Tickets to these Mets games are going for, like, 200 bucks, so don't be offerin' up any Devil Rays upper bleacher action. Actually, whatever, make me an offer. I'd also take two Sox-Dunbar at Dunbar Stadium to any of those games. Or, maybe a nice lunch with David Ortiz. Whatever you've got.

[Edit: Kirby Puckett has died. That is so weird to say. He was such a mainstay of baseball throughout my childhood. RIP Kirby.]

It was on Saturday, June 27th, 1997, that I viewed my 1st Game in Fenway Park, when The Tigers were in town & Mo Vaughn was on the DL.
Mo got hurt @ Shea Stadium, just like in 2002.
Lucchino would do this for more-revenue.
1986 foretold, in condensed form, family tragedies in 1994 & 2000.
My prediction of Those 2 Teams coming together for a World Series, came true, which I predicted to my Boston Born Sisters of Charity of St Vincent DePaul-Halifax, in 1967, in Brooklyn. One nun, who is no longer in The Order, told me that this Series wouldn't happen in my lifetime.
For Kirby Puckett:
Kyrie Elaison, Christe Elaison, Kyrie Elaison;
Eternal Rest Grant Unto Him O' Lord
& let Perpetual Light Shine Upon Him;
May He Rest In Peace, Amen;
& His Soul & All The Souls of The Faithfully Departed, Through God's Mercy;
Requiat In Pacem, Amen.
how 'bout some burritos with felines? oh, yeah, I've offered that to you for free already.

maybe game 6 is supposed to be their tribute. I'm not sure we need to recreate the scene for redemption; the mere fact that I can watch that play without stabbing emotional distress is good enough for me. But an honoring ceremony would be nice. And who cares if lucchino does it just for money - that money gives us more payroll, right?
Yes, Reb. It gives us more payroll. We put money in the team, they use it wisely, to get us World Series championships. I still don't understand why people ever got mad at Larry.

And maybe I will give you the ticket for some of those great burritos and access to your nice cats, since no one else seems to be making any offers.
Cats? Where? I want the cats. More cats for all.

And I like this idea. I'd rather see the old dudes trotted out onto the field than a movie, for a truly effective tribute. In a way it was done with the season opener for the '05 season, but that was more "yay Red Sox through the alllll the ages!"
I have written a post about the '86 Radio-TV-Crews of Red Sox & Mets, on my blog.
Let's just say the Mets have spawned our Bane on "FOX Saturday Baseball";
It is he who will not "Shut Up."
Roger @ Shea is perfect; he has never tasted victory there.
He may retire after the WBC.

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