Monday, April 03, 2006

Day One

Kevin Millwood reminds me of that kid from high school who you didn't hang out with, but you'd known for a while from maybe elementary school or Little League (where he'd usually swing and miss but would surprise you with an occasional double), so he was down with you, despite that you were slightly less of a loser than he was. Yet you still feared that when he shot up the school, he'd just forget who you were and kill you anyway. Is it just me?

Millwood vs. the Sox, 2:05 PM.

Tonight at 10:05, it's Mr. Dunbar at Oakland. Here's the Dunbar breakdown:

percentage of yankee fans who:

know the season starts today--23%
know the team is playing at 10:05 PM eastern--16%
will stay up for first pitch-6%
will watch entire game--0%

Don't worry, I'll let 'em know what happens.

Let 'em know Jere style. I love it! Makes me glad I root for the right team.
Have you ever talked to a girl without giving her your credit card #?
I prefer it when insults make sense.

Crisp with the speed. Oh yes.
Ah, anonymous. My oldest friend. So clever. So witty. So much better than me as a human being. I kneel before you, anonymous. You are the best person in the world.
Sox win!!!
crap, i was supposed to get your credit card number? damnit my bosses are going to be so pissed ...

Jere, was at Prof. Thom's today watching the game during my lunch break. Planning on going tomorrow and Wednesday to watch as well if you're interested. At some point this season I WILL drag you there.
That guy opened him/herself up to so many jokes about his/her mom... Also, doesn't he/she know I can erase comments? But that there's no need because I'd rather show everyone else how mean people can be?

Anyway, did you see Seth Myers? I heard he would be a guest bartender there today.

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