Friday, December 30, 2005

Droppin' Hamiltons Like Aaron Burr

Ever since I compared the yankees to the mythical "Mr. Dunbar" in this post, I've been thinking: The yankees should be referred to as simply "Mr. Dunbar" on this blog, effective immediately.

So, let's try it out, using a sample conversation between person A, who we'll call "Me," and person B, who we'll call "Chan":

Me: What up, C-Sekshin?

Chan: Hey.

Me: I'll be going up to Boston this weekend.

Chan: You gonna see a game?

Me: Yeah, Mr. Dunbar's in town for three.

Chan: You better watch out, Mr. D's got another murderer's row this year.

Me: Eh. Mr. Dunbar's overrated.

Chan: You going to any games at Mr. Dunbar's house this year?

Me: I should, I do live in his neighborhood.

Chan: Nice. Well, I gotta go watch "Lazy Sunday" for the hundredth time.

Me: I'll join you.

What, no grunts, no one word answers? Just kidding. Hope you have a great New Year's don't cram yourself with tens of thousands of others into Times Square to see THE BALL drop, do you? If you did I'd wager you would wear your Sox cap proudly.
I'm proudly donning my Red Sox Cap, as are thousands here in NYC.
Peter, I started calling the Yes network the Hell No network on this blog March 6th, 2004, and usually call it that. This last time I actually thought it might be good to allow some people to know what I'm talking about by using the real name.

da da daaa "Only on Hell No."

Did Times Square in 94, 95, 97. It's cool. (Oddly enough, my Huskers won their three national titles those years, each time the day after or a few days after I went to TS.) It was always fun. Won't be there this year, though.

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