Monday, April 10, 2006

Cocoa-Flavored Justice Is Served Sternly

This past offseason, newspapers told baseball-starved Red Sox fans that the front office had inexplicably turned into a bunch of grape apes, and that after the loss of the starting center fielder, there might not be an attempt to find a major league-caliber replacement. This lead to talk that Adam Stern would be forced to start, and the thought of that made many Sox fans more than weary. I feared, rightfully, I believe, that if, for some reason, they decided they wouldn't get a new center fielder, Stern would take the brunt of the fans' disappointment, by getting booed.

That brings us to today. Coco is the center fielder, and everybody, me included, is happy. He's already clinched his standing ovation from the Fenway faithf--you know, the people who go to Fenway. How can you not love the guy? However, he'll miss some games with a finger issue. It may be a month or more, it may be a few games, we don't know yet. Either way, it looks like justice will be served tomorrow for Adam Stern. After his amazing performance in the World baseball Classic, and a solid spring training, if Stern is out there on Opening Day, he will get the ovation he deserved in the first place. Of course, my perfect scenario would be that Coco misses just tomorrow's game, Stern gets some--I can't believe I'm about to use this lame modern term--love from the fans, and I get to see Coco's first home game on Wednesday in person.

Better arm, less speed, and he's shown he can hit. If Coco is out for a couple weeks (I won't say the word "month" until I hear something official, we still are in good shape. And good for him, too! Eh, Canadians? Come over to our side.
Looks like it'll be a Frankenstein monster of Stern/ Pena/ Mohr in CF. Stern's the best defender, Pena's probably the best hitter, and Mohr can be a roving guy to take over for Stern against a LOOGY and not lose as much defense late in a game as Pena would sacrifice.

Should be interesting. 4 weeks isn't the end of the world.
Pena the best hitter? He has to show us first that he won't swing at a buzzing bee. Don't ya think?
No, I don't. When one of Mohr or Stern show an ability to SLG at a 500 level, then they may have the pedigree. Of the three, it's tough to argue Pena's not the best hitter.
Stern did slug .480, albeit in AA, in '04, his last full season, while hitting .322.

The point is we've got a lot of young talent to replace Coco for the time being. If the pitching holds up, none of this should affect the team too bad. And if we have adivision lead when Coco comes back, we'll be in great shape.

It's funny, I thought you wrote "when one or Mohr of Mohr and Stern..."

Also, BSM, isn't it cool how that building on York and 70somethingth says "Ave A" on the side? I just walked by there on lunch, as my job is kind of near your old 'hood. An old man told me Ave A used to go all the way up to there. Weird.
I remember that well- I never got the story on that. I never accurately employ the wisdom of old men.

Stern's last ~450 ABs in the minor leagues bode really well for him as a replacement in the short term. I wouldn't ever start him against a LHP, and I'd use Wily Mo liberally if a big hit was needed. But Stern should start, especially because of his defense.

It looks like you're going to have an OF of Mohr and Pena on Wed though, Jere, as they're facing LHP Chacin. Unless they decide that Stern should hit lefties, which would be odd.
That's cool, I'm going to three games on this homestand, including my Patriots' Day two-city exrtavaganza.

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