Thursday, July 07, 2005

Red Man

Adam Stern has been called up. This is extra-exciting for me, since he went to my school, the University of Nebraska.

Here he is as a Cornhusker:

He's from Canada, and per his interview on RSN.Net, he only followed hockey a little bit, and that baseball was always his game. Good for him. Here he is as a Canadian Olympian:

And here he is this past spring training:

He's the third Husker to play for the Sox, following two native Nebraskans, Kip Gross and Buddy Hunter.

[Edit, more than 7 years later, 3/8/13: Sorry those pics are gone. This was from back when I'd just link to a pic online instead of grabbing it first and then posting. Doesn't look like I was crediting the sources, either, myyy mistake. In fact, this wasn't too long after I discovered how to post pics at all. For more on Adam Stern, check out these posts. Thanks.]

We're taking over. It's only a matter of time.

And after, Phase 2: Moving the Yankees to Winnipeg.
He looks like he's actually scaling the wall there. Very Ichiroesque.

Stern has some interesting numbers, but he seems kinda up-and-down. Weird career at Nebraska, too. Terrible his freshman year, incredible his sophomore year, average his junior year. Odd.

Should be interesting to have around, though. And as a rookie, he's not likely to bitch about playing time the way Payton was, which is a good thing.

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