Thursday, March 23, 2006

More Tickets, Jere?

Yes. I just bought tickets to the Futures at Fenway doubleheader this summer, which will feature a Lowell game and a PawSox game. I realized today that I'd watch any teams if it meant sitting in sweet seats at Fenway at a discounted price. In fact, they could show movies on the Green Monster (an idea I've suggested before), and I'd pay to get in.

So I grabbed a bunch of seats right behind the visitor's on-deck circle for 20 bucks each. You can actually get up to eight tickets, and they range from 5 bucks to 30 for front row Monster or the new pavillion boxes. Both of which would have been cool, but I didn't want to miss a chance to sit so close to the field, and for 10 bucks less. Now watch all my friends will say "I would've gone if you got Monster seats."

The reason I got this chance is because I'm a 10-Game Plan holder. Which, in this case, makes me a season ticket holder. I'm not always included in this elite bunch. When it comes to free parking for season ticket holders, I'm the average Joe/Josephine. For, I'm "one of them."

I was pysched when I got the letter in the (actual) mail yesterday. And I'd like to offer this public service to any season ticket/10-Game Plan holders who didn't check their mail yesterday, or who's mail carrier is slow or whatever: Click on the link for the Futures game at Your password is "BRS" followed by your season ticket account number. Your password is your zip code. This will work if you've got a 10-gamer. Maybe it's different for "real" season ticket holders, I don't know. But, I just thought since I got the letter yesterday, and the special time to buy was today at noon, maybe I should give people a heads-up.

Also, ARSFIPT Ultimate Chan Pack members may remember I had tickets to a Colbert Report taping a while ago, which got messed up due to Brian's car being towed, and then we got shut out anyway because so many people showed up. Tonight is the "make-up" night. We were given "VIP" tickets since we got screwed the last time. Colbert rarely shows the crowd, but occasionally he'll high five the front row on his way to the interview table. If he does, look for me. I'll be wearing a Bad News Bears jersey and a Sox hat. Tonight at 11:30 on Comedy Central. I hope I do get on TV, because then I can go home and watch myself, and that will negate the fact that last night I watched my shitty, loud, rude neighbor playing in the backup band of a major national artist on a major network TV-show. That's New York for ya. One night your neighbor's on TV, the next night you are. Maybe.

That's fantastic! More Wily home runs to see, and in person. Take care.
And I mis-wrote, in my excitement, but you will be AT Fenway, and what could be better.
As a member of Red Sox Nation™, I got to purchase the Futures Game tickets today at noon. I got Pavillion seats for the heck of it. They didn't have Monster seats by the time I logged on. See you at the game!
Nice job, Empy. I noticed that today, too. I couldn't figure out if I was eligible to buy MORE tickets--for being an RSN member as well as being a "season" ticket holder. But I didn't need any more anyway.

I'll mark it down--don't invite Empy, she already has tix. See you there.

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