Thursday, April 07, 2005

Monster Movies

With all this movie talk, I've been thinking:

Why don't they show movies on the Green Monster?

They could have movie nights after games. Anybody who wants to stay for a movie could filter into the seats behind the first base dugout (because you know they ain't lettin' anybody onto the field; but in a perfect world, everybody would sit out on the grass). After a half hour or so, they could turn off the main lights and just project The Lost Boys or whatever onto the Monster. The price would be, let's say, free, because with the money we're all spending, they need to give out more free stuff. They'd get two more hours worth of concession sales, anyway.

Speaking of free stuff, I think this year's rule should be: Every paying customer at every game in 2005 gets some kind of 2004 Champs memoribilia. And the promotions department should know that each and every one of us already has something to put our keys on. Okay, I've gone too far. I'm perfectly happy with what this management has done already. Just makin' suggestions.

But back to the movie idea: Has this ever been done before? I think I'm gonna write to the team on the this one. If you'd like to help get "Monster Movie Mania" going, write to them as well, and give them the link to this post.

And from
Joy Of Sox, check this out.

Great idea about the movies. I highly doubt it would be free, but it could fit in the Henry group's

I remember seeing coverage of the White Sox sleepover at Comiskey Park. I believe a movie was shown on the jumbotron and families slept on the field. There's a similar event at SBC Park. I would love a sleepover at Fenway. It's likely that all of the infield dirt would be gone by the morning because of people taking souvenirs. That, a few chairs, too.
I think the only problem with the idea is that the wall is green, which I think would affect the color of whatever was projected on it. Or were you thinking they'd drape a white sheet over it?

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