Thursday, February 23, 2006

Dunbar Circus

From, about Johnny Damon facing Randy Johnson in batting practice today:


On his third pitch to Damon, Johnson grazed the center fielder's left forearm, though Damon was fine.

"Guys were teasing him, saying he should have done that last year," Damon said. "He did it plenty of times last year. I was never comfortable."

"They're my teammates, so they're safe," Johnson said. "Some of them, anyway."


Even though these lines were said in jest, and everyone shrugged it off, the whole article just reeked of an "us vs. them" situation. It also said that Mattingly made Johnny hit against Randy over Giambi because Mattingly's known Giambi longer. Between these dudes and Sheffield's ego and George's wacky antics and A-Rod's quest to become a "true Dunbar," that team is once again lacking chemistry. Now that George has officially predicted a 27th championship for Mr. Dunbar, he's going to be that much more irrational when losing streaks happen. Everybody just keep talkin'. George, stay directly involved with the team. Go right in the locker room and tell them they must win this year or else. And everything will fall into (second) place.

For NY-area people, just an update on spring training games on TV:

@ MRD* Wed. March 22nd 7:15 Hell, No Network
@ MIN Thurs., March 23rd 1:05 ESPN2
vs. PIT Wed., March 29th 1:05 ESPN
vs. CIN Thurs., March 30th 1:05 ESPN

Then it's ESPN2 for opening day, April 3rd at 2:05.

*Mr. Dunbar

I have an image in my mind right now of Georgie in full uniform sitting in the dugout on Torre's left. What comic relief!
The more the Yankees camp tries to prove that there is good chemistry on the team, the more I expect a Barry Bonds/Jeff Kent-like brawl sometime before May.
"I was watching pitching practice, not hitting practice," said manager Joe Torre. "I feel for them. I'm glad it's them and not me. It's a horrible time for hitters."

Are you kidding me? You'd think that Randy was decapitating people or something. It's just a horrible time for hitters. Pa-lease.
Or did he mean it's horrible wearing that uniform in the first place? Would be for me.
Yeah, maybe he just meant the whole experience: "Life as a Dunbar is just horrific. Unbearable. So glad I'm not out there myself. Hey, didn't Connie Mack wear a suit? Get me out of these god-awful stripes!"
//"They're my teammates, so they're safe," Johnson said. "Some of them, anyway." //

What the hell's the implication here? That he lops off the heads of his nonteammates and dances in their blood? Jeez. They're safe, honestly.
I have good news for you Jere:

the Modells across from Grand Central is now selling Ortiz Dominican Team t-shirts, along with a whole bunch of other players including Pedro. I picked up one of the Papi shirts yesterday.
That is good news! Stupid STILL doesn't have them. Terible job. That's the Modell's that had the Red Sox uniform centerpiece in their window last year. I should have known they'd come through. Thanks for the info.
Dunbar now has cheerleaders:

I saw a commercial for this the other day, and thought of you.
The back cover of Friday NY Post had this gem on the back page:


I can taste the bile creeping up my throat right now.
Hey, Jere, will ya buy me one of those Ortiz shirts? I'll pay ya back, honest.
My nephew up in Boston at school has 3 roomates, and one of them IS a Modell, so I just called him and asked him for his help with the Papi DR shirt. It was not visible on their web site. I didn't want to ask you to pick one up for me Jere, even tho it sounds like you'll be going there for yourself. Good move. I think I might be in luck, but if not, maybe you can be my second option.
What size "Mom?" although I think Jere can handle it. I'm hoping my nephew , the computer wizard who will someday be President, can. Smile.
Can you handle it?
Otherwise, Peter, size M if there is still such a size; if not, L.
Thanks, guys.
I'm waiting to hear. Believe it or not, i just asked Jere via email if he could pick me up a medium. Same size! I haven't heard from my hephew, or his roomate the Modell guy, but college kids run on a different timetable of life.

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