Sunday, January 22, 2006


I haven't talked about Bronson Arroyo's signing yet. Here's what he said, as you probably know:

"I agreed to this contract with strong advice from them not to sign it, simply for the reason that I want to play in this town," Arroyo said Thursday. "I love being a Red Sox. I wouldn't have signed a deal [like this] in any other place. The reason I took a discount was because I love playing here and I want to stay here my whole career."

The exact words that should have come out of Johnny Damon's stupid mouth.

I'm glad Bronson appreciates us. Proud to have him on my team. We just have to teach him that there's more to music than Creed or whatever those songs are he's playing all the time. But beggars can't be (Big League) Chew-sers; I'll take a Red Sox player who plays guitar over one who kills innocent children. Or whatever the opposite of playing guitar is.

He also said how he likes Boston more than New York. Which brings up a question I'd thought of when Johnny signed with Mr. Dunbar: Did Johnny just decide he'd rather live in New York City than Boston? Because I chose to move to New York City--but had they made me pledge my allegiance to Mr. Dunbar when I got here, I would've turned right around.

(Also, photo by me. All photos are by me, unless otherwise noted, or if it's really obvious that I didn't take it. Like the one I posted of the "time to make the donuts" guy, who died days later. RIP Fred the Baker.)

I've gotten over my "what if' scenarios with Mr. Damon. I've moved on. He will be missed, because we really don't have a true lead-off guy, but that's about it. The New York club overpaid, as they are wont to do, and so it goes.
And another great article about your Mom and her book was in today's Times CT. section. I didn't know you were a Jr. She seems like a great woman.
Yeah, that was the one I mentioned over a week ago, because it was supposed to be in there last weekend, but it got delayed.

I'm not a Jr., because the middle names are different.
May Bronson Arroyo finish his career in Boston with another two World Championship rings on his hand.

And May Johnny Damon win MVP this year while the Yankees, once again, start their golf games early in October.

I'm in the minority about Bronson's album...I like it a lot.

But I'm glad he doesn't have one coming out THIS year.

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