Monday, January 02, 2006

'Bar None

The best thing about it being "2006" is that we're now six calendar years from the last time Mr. Dunbar won the World Series.

You could've gotten some nice odds on this happening back in 2000.

Dunny is currently enduring his fourth-longest drought in his history. '03-'22 is the granddaddy of them all, followed by the one I hold dearest to my heart, '79-'95. Then comes the classic '63-'76 drought. It'll take another decade of non-winning to see this current drought move up on the list. But stranger things have happened.

Speaking of that, the key to this drought is how Dunbarians can't give us the whole "you should worry about your own team" line, because their current drought, as they've surely forgotten, is longer than ours.

I've been hearing a lot about how the Blue Jays should challenge the Red Sox for second place in the A.L. East in 2006. I think they may challenge for second, but it will be Mr. Dunbar they'll be challenging. Remember the last time everyone thought we'd drop to third place? It was summer, 2004.

Gotta love that Mr. Dunbar name. Unfortunately due to a 162 game schedule, the Yanks will have plenty of opportunites to pummel weak pitching and grab enough wins to finish first.
However, their rotation is certainly teetering on the edge of a cliff right now.
The Dunbar Analogy is the most profound thing I've yet to see in this space, and rest assured I've aleady started using it. It also abbreviates to "DBs" pretty nicely, which is key because that's what most of the team and its fans actually are, if you know what I'm saying here...(clue: the B stands for "bags".)
Hello Mr. Dunbar's inventor. Just to let you know, the mixed bag of precip. predicted here in North Central CT. is as predicted, but it changed to all snow here at 8, and will continue. While there are only 4 inches here now, parts of the state just 4 miles from me already have 8 inches. And yes, there was nothing better than a snow day back in the day. Take care.
As a yankee fan i check out your blog from time to time to see your take on what's going on in redsox nation because i respect your knowledge of the sox. Unfortunately, you talk about the yanks 60% of the time. Get a life and worry about the team you love. It is pathetic that you live vicariously through your hatred of the yanks rather than your love of the sox. i love the yanks and have for 24 years, and i'm not one of those yankee fans you talk about all the time. i spent the 1980's in little league loving a team that sucked. That's ok though the yanks give me as much joy as they do you misery.
Shockingly surprising comment! OMG....
I have noticed Mr Anonymous in the past. In "Damn Yankees", Mr Dunbar was Mr Applegate.

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