Friday, November 18, 2005


To answer AJM, here's the Xmas Eve '04 post I did about the Red Sox road jersey controversy of the mid-eighties. (See Nipper picture below for "BO/STON" style--see most any Sox player in an 80's road uni for "BOS/TON" style.)

Also, no answers on the latest quiz. Here's a clue that may give it away. The words are names. The words again being "morning" and "bump." What's the connection? Someone must know.

Don Hill? As in Don Hill's Sports Book? I've got nothing.
I thought about your answer for awhile, and I finally get it. A bump is a hill, and morning is when dawn occurs, and dawn is "don" in a Boston accent. Maybe. But, that's not it, and also, what's Don Hill's Sports Book?
I have no idea, but it's mentioned on a couple of sports sites. Really, Jere, I am clueless on this quiz.
First off, thank you very much Jere for dedicating a new post to answering the BO/STON question for me...I feel honored.

Second, I was looking back through the archives, and realized now that we have at least three things in common:
1. We're both Sox fans who grew up in Fairfield County
2. We've both been in the Coldstone on 2nd Ave and 86th, although I've never run into any Yankees there
3. We were both in the Riviera for Game 6 of the '04 ALCS. What a great night.

And lastly, I tried to answer the quiz below in the comments, but I'll repeat my answer here:
Morning is Maury Wills' middle name.
His son Elliot's nickname is 'Bump'.
AJM--You are correct. Good job. I figured people would see "bump" and think of Bump Wills, and that would give it away. But only you and the Witch gave it a shot.

I actually didn't know that Bump was Maury's son until now. But I definitely remember laughing at the name "Bump" on his baseball card as a kid.

Did you know Maury hold the record for most games played in a regular season with 165?

Also, my town was Ridgefield. And you probably know BSM's was Fairfield, the "title track" of the county. What was yours?

And where were you sitting for Game 6 at the Riv?
I grew up in Trumbull; currently live in Stamford. For Game 6 I was standing the whole time in that big area in front of the bar; I'll never forgot the combination of relief and euphoria I felt when Foulke struck out Tony Clark. I couldn't get in the next night, so I watched across the street at Kettle of Fish, but then I caught games 1, 3, and 4 of the World Series at the Riv; I only got in the last night because Jim the Bartender snuck me in the side door. Don't know if you were there that night, but we're actually on the official WS DVD for the final out.
Maury Wills is actually the only guy to play major league baseball to have 'morning' in any part of his name. And the reason he played 165 regular season games in '62 is that the Dodgers and Giants played a three-game playoff for the NL pennant that counted as regular season games (as opposed to the single-game playoffs the Sox played in '48 and '78).
Yeah, Rice played 163 in '78. And a lot of others played 163, too, including Matsui. But that three-gamer helped Bump's dad immensely when it comes to that stat. A record that may never be broken.

Trumbull. Nice job by you guys in '89. Chris Drury-style. That was the year after I finished Little League, and for some reason everyone thought we were gonna go all the way, but instead we went like 1-2 and were eliminated. And then your boys go and win it all the next year. Were you in LL at the time of that? Or do you know any Guillorns?

Chan & I barely snuck in the door for game 6. We were in the upper area. The waitress allowed us to scout out people who may be leaving a table, and then tell her, and then she'd seat us there. And it worked. We actually had a table with a nice shot of the screen. The whole slap play was just incredible. Everyone's reaction at the first replay of it...and then when that call and the other one were corrected. Awesome. I'm sure I blogged about this.

I wanted to go back for the WS, but no one wanted to go with me, especially considering that there was no guarantee of being able to fit in the door. I probably would have gone to a Game 5, 6, or 7 there, but fortunately we never had to worry about those.

Good job getting on TV.
I hate to admit it, but '89 was a fair amount after my own little league days. Chris Drury's dad actually interviewed me for college at their house, when Chris was still a pre-schooler. Yep, I'm old.
Weird- being into hockey and all, my brother knows Chris Drury's dad fairly well, and though it was a few years before me, Chris and I went to the same high school- Fairfield Prep, located in TitleTrack, CT.
That Drury could be CT's most famous athlete of all-time.

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