Friday, December 24, 2004

An Actual "C"

So the question is: Will Jason Varitek jerseys "with the 'C'" cost more than regular Tek jerseys?

Just a suggestion: Simply buy a regular jersey, and draw a "C" on it with a Sharpie.

While trying to figure out whether Yaz or Rice actually had a "C" on their jerseys when they were captain (I don't remember ever seeing a "C"), I came across the answer to one of my favorite mysteries of all-time:

"In 1986 the Red Sox road jersey had a peculiar lettering with BO on one side of the buttons, and STON on the other. In 1987 Rawlings undertook to manufacture all MLB uniforms, with their name on one sleeve. The Red Sox and (I believe) the Tigers and Yankees chose to not to use Rawlings for their home uniforms (the BoSox stayed with Wilson) but used Rawlings on the road. These had the more symmetrical BOS || TON lettering. However, some players, such as Clemens and Rice, disliked the fit of the Rawlings jerseys and continued to wear 'last years model' during 87."

That's from David Nevard of the Buffalo Head Society, in a letter he wrote to Mark Okkonen, who wrote a book about baseball uniforms in 1991.

Pat & I have always been intrigued by this. How could some players have had a diferent uniform from other players on their team, we thought. We would joke that they made a few with just BO on the left by mistake, and gave them to some guys, hoping they wouldn't notice, rather than wasting jerseys. But then again, I've always said that it's not going to be symmetrical either way. Because on a men's button down shirt, there's the overlap section. So when you've got an even number of letters, unless you cut third one in half, or leave a space on the overlap (easy when you've got a space to work with--'RED [space] SOX' on the home jerseys), the word can't be centered.

Congratulations, Jation.

So I was driving around, listening to FM radio, sifting through one Xmas song after the next, and I noticed that on Christmas Eve, the only commercial stations that play anything other than Xmas songs are the classic rock stations. So I'd flip around, and hear: Xmas song, Xmas song, Xmas song, Xmas song, Radar Love, Xmas song, Xmas song, Bad Moon Rising, Xmas song, Xmas song.......

I also think that George Michael could buy a Varitek jersey with the royalties he's made from his song "Last Christmas" being on the radio about a million times today alone. Note: I'm assuming that's the name of the song. My fact checkers are off for the holidays.

And, no, the "Jation" wasn't a mistake.


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